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Returning disposables

I was given quite a few disposable diapers from family who didn't think we would stick with cloth. I kept them since everyone said I'd need them, but everytime I used one there was poop everywhere! Well now they are too small anyway. I have about 5 bags that are not opened but no receipts. Some are Touch of Cloth and some are Huggies. Does anyone know of any stores that will take them back without a receipt?
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Re: Returning disposables

  • If they carry them, Walmart and BuyBuyBaby will. Target will if they carry the particular size/style/brand exclusively. 

  • The other option would be to donate them for a tax credit or sell them at a resale shop

  • If you happen to have open packages, food banks and shelters always need diapers! 

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  • The most success I ever had returning paper was at WalMart. They will take back just about anything! Good luck!
  • If you belong to any buy sell trade groups on FB you could post them for sale there or craiglist. Donation is a nice idea as well. 
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