Breastfeeding "preemies" - XP from multiples

Question about nursing & your experiences...

Had my twin girls on 18th at 36wka- both immediately latched, have great sucking ability & nursed from start being held tandem football hold.

They lost too much weight after 24hrs and they implemented breastfeeding 15 min & then finger/syringe feeding to supplement. (While in hospital it was banked BM, at home formula as I can't pump yet what they need).

About 2 days ago we switched to preemie nipples on dr brown bottles instead of syringe feeding. 1: because on twin was getting lazy at breast & preferring to syringe feed . 2: we have a 4yo too.

Most of time both will latch & BF 15 min great + take full 30cc of formula. However, baby B has started refusing to BF, arches back. Screams, pushes head back etc. but, when offered bottle, immediately takes. So far today we've fed 6 times and 3 times she would nurse and 3 times wouldn't.

Suggestions? Input? When she does BF it's great - no issues.
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Re: Breastfeeding "preemies" - XP from multiples

  • Welcome and congrats on your twins!  I would continue to offer the breast first, and maybe try to shorten the time between nursing your twin that is starting to refuse the breast.  She may be getting past the point in hunger where she is willing to work so hard to get food....especially since she knows there is an easier method.  I can't imagine nursing twins, since I felt like I nursed constantly the first few weeks with only one baby.  But, if you can try to get her on earlier, maybe that would help?

    **DD1 - 7/9/98**

    **DS - 11/9/00**

    **DD2 - 4/30/13**

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