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What kind of pads will you use after postpartum?

Curious on what kind of pads you will use for after delivery. I'm not sure what kind to use.

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  • I prefer Always long overnights for post delivery. They're not incredibly bulky like some brands, and the extea length provides some added protection
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  • The hospital pads were great I thought - they gave me a bunch! Since running out I am using the Kotex U brand! I always loved them and they are working fine for me! I am using the heavy flow and overnight pads. They are working great for me.
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  • Extra long and winged cotton pads. The maternity pads are just not as absorbent and are way too bulky

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  • I took all the pads from the hospital because I like "free" stuff. After those ran out, anything extra long with wings and overnight absorbancy was preferred.

    this. i didn't get as many from the hospital with DS1...I plan to hoard a bit more this time.

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  • Something "ultrathin with wings" (Carefree or Stayfree or something?) I don't really like the overnight ones because they go up so far in the back. But then again I think most of the heavy bleeding I had was the first few days when I was in the hospital so I used their pads. Their maternity pads are HUGE though!
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  • Always infinity overnight with wings

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  • For the first few weeks I used the old style bulky pads, the extra padding was definitely a good thing for me! After that I went to the ultra thin.
  • I like the Always ultra thin overnight extra heavy. The hospital pads were huge but not absorbent...but the hospital ice packs were awesome.
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