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Prenatal Yoga in Cypress

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good prenatal yoga class in the Cypress/ northwest Houston area? I've been searching online and have not had much luck. Thanks in advance!

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  • I haven't gone to any classes in the area (I haven't found any close to Atascocita) but I have been using YogaGlo, which is an Internet site that has a lot of different yoga classes and is updated frequently. It has a lot of wonderful well known yoga teachers and even some teachers who specialize in prenatal yoga.
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    Hey y'all, I am a yogi in Cypress area. If you are looking specifically for a prenatal class, you may or may not find one. The great thing about yoga is that the instructors are all very knowledgeable and can tell you what poses to avoid in a regular class and offer alternatives. Most studios offer non-heated (you don't want heated while pregnant) yoga styles such as restorative, yin, gentle, and beginner/foundation type of classes. If you are an experienced yogi, you can probably continue your vinyasa classes with few restrictions. Try these:

    I personally think yoga is a very wise decision to do while pregnant! Let me know if I can help with anything else!

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  • Not sure about the Cypress area, but the Motherhood Center near Central Market specialises in prenatal yoga. I know they have prenatal and mommy and me yoga classes morning and evening 7 days a week. Its the only kind of yoga they do and I would highly recommend them as their instructor's seem very knowledgable on prenatal poses and techniques. They also specialise in prenatal massages as well.
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