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Feeling unattractive for holiday parties

I am 35 weeks pregnant and feeling like a whale- I have been looking forward to several holiday parties coming up and just tried on a few dress choices that I have. I can't stand the way I look like a big lump of marshmallow and it's really getting me down.

Does anyone else feel this way? Does anyone have any suggestions? I know this is part of the process, but it just doesn't feel good : (

Re: Feeling unattractive for holiday parties

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    You could always go as Santa. Jk, but I'm 35 weeks too, and that's how I feel.

    I haven't been to any fancy parties, but for work I like to wear a blazer or cute tailored jacket (a non-maternity one unbuttoned is ok) over my outfit for a not as blob-like shape.

    There are lots of dresses out there that are flattering, but I personally am not buying more just to wear for 5 weeks. Could you borrow one or find a good used one? But I think the advice from PP is the best - just try to embrace it and smile.
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    I ended up buying a new dress since we had three fancy parties to go to. It's not a maternity dress so I'll definitely be wearing it afterwards (I love it!). It had an empire waist so as PP stated, it accentuates the smallest part of you. I was hesitant to spend the money but I felt amazing in it all three nights. I even wore heels, although I paid for that the day after. Maybe try and find something that you can wear afterwards. I love the idea of a blazer over a pretty blouse!
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    I agree with PPs about being too hard on yourself. We truly are our worst critics.

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    such great advice, thank you!
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    Bump ACCENTUATE, don't hide your body in a shapeless sack! I've been rocking skinny black pants, black fitted top and sparkly statement necklace (and sometimes a hideous Christmas vest, lol).
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