What to do Christmas morning

So, DH has to work overnight Christmas eve.  DS usually wakes up about 6:30, DH gets home around 8.  This is the first year DS seems to understand the whole Santa is coming thing.  Should I keep him upstairs until DH gets home?  I originally was going to bring him down and let him go through his stocking at least, but I really don't think he will have a problem with hanging out upstairs for an hour.  I kind of want DH to be home to see his face when he sees the tree. 

Am I being mean to keep him upstairs?  Am I overthinking this? 

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Re: What to do Christmas morning

  • Oh, the drinking will start pretty much immediately.  Brunch guests will arrive by 11. 

    The more important question I guess is Mimosas or Bloody Mary bar???

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  • I wish I had a Bloody Mary right about now.
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  • DH got called out last Christmas Eve and didn't get home till about 8. While DH was out I took some screen shots from the santa tracker thing. When she got up I told her we had to check where he was because sometimes he gets delayed. I showed her the screen shot that he wasn't there....she went back to sleep for like an hour so he could come, it was awesome. Then I only had to distract and answer "when is daddy getting here" for a little bit.
    This is really clever!  Have to remember this.
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  • My parents used to give me a "pillow present" that I could open and play with until they got up. 
    Edit:  Santa would give me the present.  Not my parents. 
    What an AWESOME idea!
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