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ASD kids and authority

So my daughter is doing pretty well in school. One issue, and it's a biggie in relation to functioning in life, is that she just doesn't accept authority.
She doesn't yell, or really argue, it's more the quiet disagreeing with teachers. The teacher assistant for the class mentioned today if we could just get her to accept what we say goes that would be great.
Oh God, my life would be easier too, but it's not easy. I know it comes across as disrespectful and we are working on it. Add in her crazy high IQ and the fact sometimes she corrects the teachers and is right, like when the teacher said butterflies hatch from cocoons, lol, etc. I mean, she does it to me. The newest thing is to repeat herself slowly and ask if I understand. It's funny but pretty insulting, even though I know there is no malice.
I think forward to a police officer asking her to put her hands up, etc, and not complying. It gives me heart palpitations. Is it just rote memory on authority figures we must do, because I can't seem to get through any other way. Any suggestions?

Re: ASD kids and authority

  • I think you hit the head on the nail when you mentioned not understanding the social hierarchy. We will keep at it but honestly the police thing looms in my mind.
    We definitely don't play up her IQ. She has no idea why she does enrichment work, etc. I mean she used to mention in kindergarten how the kids were learning the alphabet, etc but she was allowed to go do work with the globe writing down countries etc. I am hopeful her enthusiasm comes across as innocent.
    Her median iq is 138 but her fluid reasoning tests off the charts. She reached the ceiling in every test. Her poor working memory lowered the overall score to the 138. What the tester told me was she had never seen these F.R scores before. She is an anomaly because the working memory should go hand in hand with fluid reasoning.
    She does do well with rote memorization. I wish I had hope she would just get why you have to listen to your teacher. We used it a lot in preschool, I mean pre diagnosis that was how she got by. Don't do this, do this.
  • I have all the stuff filed in my office but I think she had the weschler 3 and Simon Binet, I know the one was for 6 up so she was right at the cusp of it being reliable. She has had 3 separate tests done by three separate administrators/psychologists because of the discrepancies. The consensus is she probably tests worse than she should. They all felt her iq is higher than 138 but because of the working memory issues, she tests lower. The child development expert at our university wants to do some more testing. They think she may not have autism but the quirks that come with a very high iq. But saying that, the issues I see are definitely ASD.
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