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Self Care Tuesday

Last week's challenge was to live in the moment.  How did you do?

What else did you do for self care this week?

What are you most afraid of?

This week's Challenge: Do something kind for someone else.  Yes, this means you may have to do more this week.  But I promise the reward will be far worth the effort.
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Re: Self Care Tuesday

  • Last week's challenge: On Sunday, last week, DS got DH's Santa apron and had me put it on him. I had to wear my Santa apron and we were both Santas flying the reindeer just like in the Arthur Christmas movie. (Ugh we had to run around the apartment). DS loved it so much that we had to dress up as Santas to play for a few days more last week. I am admitting that I had fun, too.

    For self care, I actually bought a new hair clip to wear to work. My favorite hair clips broke. I wore these awful back up hair clips that suck and I looked frazzled every darn day because I could not use the hair clip so tightly because they would make me have a headache and I get migraines. My hair is also very thick.

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  • For living in the moment, I went to a tree lighting ceremony. I haven't wanted to do much this year for Christmas, but I'm glad we went.

    Other self care, I did a healthy menu plan last week and did pretty decent sticking to it.
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