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"Normal" sleep habits

Hi All, Just popping in officially for the first time in, gee, over a year and a half! I am an A13 mom to a son and due with our next any day now. Always here checking things out but never posting. Thanks for all of the advice I come across though! I'm posting not for advice, but to see how similar or different our toddlers are sleeping. With the impending arrival on the way I am always concerned about the adjustment we are in for and it's helpful to hear about other's versions of normal. Normal sleep in our house is DS to bed around 730-8 which can take forever right now and requires me to hold his hand until falling asleep completely. He sleeps in his crib but with the front down and only a guard rail since he was flinging himself out. Usually by midnight he is happily in our bed sleeping until morning. We all get sleep, we get to fall asleep in our own rooms, and then we wake up rested. What's your normal?
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Re: "Normal" sleep habits

  • DD sleeps in her crib from8:30/8ish until 7am DS is almost 3 months and doesn't know what sleep is
  • DS is usually put to bed around 7-7:30pm. Occasionally he will wake up fussing anywhere from 10-11pm, but usually goes right back to sleep after I hold him for a minute or two. He is usually up for the day around 6-7am. 
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  • in bed b/w 7 and 7:30 and up anywhere from 7 to 8:45. sometimes he goes to sleep in 5 min and last night he was babbling in his crib until after 8. he still naps about 2 hours a day, but if he goes to the babysitter (once or twice per month) he doesn't nap and those days he may go down earlier than 7. he is in crib and hasn't tried to climb out yet (phew).

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  • My dd goes to bed around 7 pm, goes down awake and cuddles her lovies to sleep. Lately she's been waking around midnight every other night or so, nursing and goin back to sleep, then waking at 4:30ish and needing to come to bed with me or waking for the day depending on her mood. We are meeting a sleep consultant today.
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  • @clgsquared‌ - I miss you! How are things? Sleep hasn't improved I take it?

    --sorry for thread hijack--

    H no longer has a normal through the night, but bedtime is between 7-7:30. She has been up a ton at night lately. Wake up varies too, but fortunately usually after 6.
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  • Good luck with the testing. There are a few mins in the FB group going through that - can try to connect you. I wish you much luck with the baby making. And the sleep!!

    And I'm fine. Kids and I have the perpetual winter cold, but otherwise are doing well!
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  • @kate_c  I'm stuck in your box!  Things are ok.  Going through testing to check fertility since it's been over 6 months TTC with nothing.  Between that, work, and my wild toddler, I'm pretty preoccupied.  Sleep is starting to get better, I think.  At least he isn't up multiple times in the night (unless ill).  Still a super early riser.  I hope you are well!
    Been There Done that @clgsquared..... Feel free to ping me if you have any questions. Good luck!

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