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Britax B-Agile vs Uppa Baby Cruz (2014 or 2015)

Does anyone have opinions on the Britax B-Agile stroller vs. the UppaBaby Cruz? I originally thought I'd go for the B-Agile because of the better price point; but after checking them out in the store, my husband thinks we should go for the UppaBaby Cruz. His opinion is that the extra features are nice and it seems a bit sturdier, plus we walk a lot and he feels like its worthwhile paying a bit more we'll get use of on a pretty much daily basis for a few years. 

I see UppaBaby is coming out with a new 2015 model of the stroller as well. Any opinions on whether its better to pay a fair bit more for the newer version or get the older one on sale? Are the extra features (which mainly look like improved wheels) worth it? We'll do 99% of our walking on well-paved sidewalks and streets.

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Re: Britax B-Agile vs Uppa Baby Cruz (2014 or 2015)

  • I would look at the Baby Jogger City select, it has the same price point of the Britax but has stadium seating, a hand brake and right now you can go on and get the double [both seats] on sale from $649 to $499 and with a additional 20% off making it $399!!it ends tommorow tho!!

  • I am also interested in the Cruz but no the Agile. I like that the seat reverses on the Cruz and it is so light!  My only concern is the wheels since some of where we walk has gravel and dirt paths. I in store the wheels on the Cruz might not be good. Can anybody let me know if the Cruz would be good on gravel and dirt paths or should I wait for the new model with the better wheels? 

  • I posted this on another post but I would consider a Baby Jogger Versa. It's got a lot of the same features as the Cruz but you can add all terrain GT wheels to the Versa which is awesome for walks. 
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  • Thanks everyone - we'll check out the Baby Jogger as well. It looks like it's got some cool features and is highly rated too. 
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  • I have the b agile travel with infant car seat and LOVE it. It is very maneuverable and easy to get the infant seat in and off.
  • I have the B-Agile and love it.  It doesn't come with a cup holder but I bought the Britax stroller organizer that velcro's on and it's perfect!  

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