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The Ultimate TTCALer (person you think of when you think of TTCAL) - Campaigning (not for me)

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Out of all of the awards on this board, I think the Ultimate TTCALer is the one that has the most meaning. It is the one that says the most about the people who are nominated for that award (thank you again @wickedsugar, your nomination of me for this means so much to me) and the dedication those people have to TTCAL.

I also think it is one that can be hard to define. The simple definition is the ultimate TTCALer is the person you think of when you think of TTCAL but there is so much more to it than that.

The ultimate TTCALer is someone that has an incredible amount of compassion.

The are knowledgeable, kind, and try to keep and make the board a better place.

They are involved with the board, creating new posts, responding to others, and running check-ins.

They have put in their time on this board and continue to give more support than seems humanly possible.

They could win an award in almost any category of the nominations and where probably nominated for many.

Their voice is listened to and respected.

You notice when they are not here.

When I think of TTCAL, I think of @mlal78.  I joined TTCAL in October 2012 and mlal was here. She was running the multiple loss check-in when I joined the board and was a warm, comforting presence when I joined that check-in a few months later. She has been a Crazy Train conductor for almost as long and manages to keep the crazy at bay with a calmness and warmth that is enviable. She has been a staple of this board and I cannot imagine TTCAL without her - though I hope we can graduate her butt out of here very, very soon.

Though it would mean the world to me to win this before I leave the board, @mlal78 is the one who deserves this.  She is the Ultimate TTCALer. 

Vote for mlal78 for Ultimate TTCALer.

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Re: The Ultimate TTCALer (person you think of when you think of TTCAL) - Campaigning (not for me)

  • This is great :x
    I am not sure how to say this without getting a "solicitation" warning so I guess I just say that I am not longer active on THIS site. 

  • I agree with this 100%!! @mlal78 was one of the first people to make me feel welcome when I joined over a year ago. She is amazing, kind, strong, so very wise. XOXO
    Multiple TTCAL 1IF 3
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    Clomid/TI #1=BFN, 
    Clomid/TI#2=BFN, Clomid/TI #3=CP
    BFP #2 CP, EDD 7/12/15
    On a treatment break: 2 natural cycles. Saving money, sigh*

    Goodbye my sweet babies. We miss you so much. 
    All Welcome

  • Mlal for President! (Of TTCAL)
    *I am no longer regularly posting on TB because of the fucked up debacle of Jan 2015 when administrators banned long-term members and mods with no notice and completely dismantled a community full of women who cared about each other.  If you see me posting it's only to give support to a poster who needs it or to post something important enough that I need to say.  I am no longer responding to  anything other than issues that affect people who I care about*
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    7/2013, Pregnant! Unmedicated--we were on a treatment break
    8/20/13 no heart beat; 8/23/13 d&c
    3/15/14 IVF #1:  Lupron/Follistim/Menopur; ER 3/10 resulting in four transfer grade blastocysts, transferred one pretty blast and froze the remaining three. BFN. 
    Natural FET in May cancelled because the universe hates me my hormones were not cooperating.
    6/24/14 FET #1: transferred two pretty embryos; BFN   
    8/28/14 FET #2: BFP, ended in Chemical pregnancy

    Done with medical intervention and getting used to the idea of CFNBC.  

    All welcome
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