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What calms your nausea?

just for fun and curiosity what calms your nausea? For me its sour things pickles, limes and also crackers, bread, tortillas stuff like that.
what about you guys?

Re: What calms your nausea?

  • Salty stuff. Pretzels, crackers, chips. The more salt the better. Or I just pop a ginger root pill. Works like a charm.
  • Diclectin. That's all
  • Nothing! I've tried ginger, mints, all the usual suggestions. But honestly nothing.

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  • Unisom. The only time I wasn't nauseous was when I took unisom the previous night for sleep. Still worked into the next day. Definitely made me groggy so I only took 1/2-3/4 of a pill, but the groggy-ness was worth not feeling like death.
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  • KJKNAJ said:
    Nothing! I've tried ginger, mints, all the usual suggestions. But honestly nothing.
    Same here :(
  • Preggie Pop Drops
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  • Lemons. I put them in my water, lemonade, anything lemon.
  • Even prescription medicine isn't helping. I have preggy pops... I like those.
  • Orange gatorade, saltines and pretzels. I had really bad MS up until my 11th week. These foods helped so much.
  • Lemon flavored sweet tarts. No other flavors, just lemon. Hubby has to keep buying the chewy ones and eating all the others.
  • tootsie roll pops, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and all things empty carb- triscuits, soft pretzels, pasta, pizza, muffins, cereal.

    I have to eat frequently to avoid it too.
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  • Diclectin. That's all

    This. Foods, especially sweets make it so much worse.

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  • I third lemon water. It's not perfect, but it helps and I don't feel like I'm putting a bunch of crap in my body.
  • Ginger ale and crackers. Also not getting hungry keeps it in check!
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  • Zolfran but only helps a little.
  • Jolly Ranchers and orange juice.... my dentist is going to be very angry with me.

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  • Lifesavers helped a TON.
  • Zofran, ginger tea, white grape juice.
  • Jolly Ranchers! Thank the Lord for them!
  • Right now, nothing works! I'm so miserable.

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