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Stage 2 endometriosis on ovaries

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Hello everyone, I am new to this board and soon I will be starting to try again. I had a natural MC back in August at 8 weeks. I conceived through my 3rd IUI. My RE found a uterine polyp in my uterus and told me i needed a hysteroscopy and laproscopy. I had my surgery the beginning of this month. They removed a 1 cm polyp and a small fibroid from my uterus. They also found stage 2 endometriosis on my ovaries. My question is would the endometriosis have caused damage to my ovaries/eggs and would removing the endometriosis help my ovaries repair themselves? I also have low AMH .88.
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Re: Stage 2 endometriosis on ovaries

  • I don't have any advice, but I'm sorry for your loss. Welcome to this board.
    I'll be at a new place providing support. 

  • Sorry you're dealing with this. Some REs (mine included) don't like to remove endo from the ovaries if you have low AMH/ovarian reserve issues. The theory is that the surgery might damage good ovarian tissue as well as remove bad, making ovarian reserve worse. Definitely worth getting a second opinion on, but I know many doctors feel that way.
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  • I am sorry for your loss. Sorry I have no advice.
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  • Unfortunately I don't have any expertise on endo, but I'm sorry for your losses and welcome to the board.  I hope your RE can give you some answers soon!

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    I'm sorry for you loss.

    My experience with endo on ovaries is the same as @bookishmomma - most REs don't want to touch it because it can damage ovarian reserve further. 

    I would talk with your RE to see what they feel about surgery.I would also ask about Lupron suppression therapy to see if that would reduce the size of the endo.  Finally, I have read some studies that indicate the endo can damage an egg that is released, reducing the quality of the egg. Some REs feel that because of this, IUIs are not effective and that it is better to move straight to IVF (ensures egg will not be "damaged" by the endo once it is released) instead of wasting money on IUIs.  I believe their are studies showing that positive pregnancy outcomes are lower for women with endo doing IUIs compared to women without.

     We do have a grad on PgAL (@snedge) who moved to IVF for this reason and a lot of personal knowledge on endo.

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  • I'm sorry for your loss. Welcome to the board. I don't have any advice but hopefully you find the answers soon.
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  • Thank you ladies for all your responses. I have my post op appointment on the 19th.
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