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When will you try for another baby?


Re: When will you try for another baby?

  • Just one is just right for us!
    My husband said he didn't know if I could make it through another pregnancy... Or if he could make it through another one too! Haha. If my body didn't mind bring pregnant we would have tried for another one. Being nearly bedridden for that 9 months was miserable for everyone. God blessed is with our perfect for us baby.
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  • Probably in another 6 months.
    -looks at tickers-

    LOL.  I know.  I'm crazy.  We are planning for 4 though. 
    More power to you!
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  • Dd and Ds are 18months apart. I'd like this one and the next (if we decide to have more, sometimes i feel done sometimes not). I want them closer to 2.5 years apart. So if we decide to try again closer to 2yrs to start trying
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  • We would like to have another one but with the complications I had after birth and my old ute (40 in December) I think it's safer for us to stay as a family of 3. Totally sucks. Wish I had started when I was younger!
  • I miss the bump terribly. I have twin girls (born via IVF in July) and we are already talking about going again. I'm ebf so it'll probably take a few months before cycle starts etc but hopefully it'll work naturally for us when cycle does start back. We won't be going IVF again so if it happens, it happens.
  • Soon hopefully. Had one round of bc shot, just had a heart to heart with my hubby's on a wonderful date tonight and I'm not going to take another shot. Took us 3 years to have dd, and were 31, so, we want at least one more and if it takes another 3 years, I'd like to be younger than 35. So here we go!!
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  • Two and through! #2 has been way easier than the first, but I don't want to put my body and mental health through whatever complication pregnancy would come up with next.
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  • Initially we were OAD, but recently we've been talking about maybe adding to our family when DD is 3 or 4. My brother and I are 3.5 years apart and it was great. I definitely want one more.
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  • I always thought I wanted multiple children but I am not so sure. My goal is to start in June, assuming we decide we do want more. Last night I told DH that I am getting my tubes tied, like tomorrow. It was a bad night... We'll see. I want two kids but this shit sucks. Maybe one and done is right for us!

  • @JayBzo I feel you! We've always talked about wanting 2, and I'm sure we'll still try for a 2nd. But last night was one of those "we're done" kind of nights. Had lots of "one and done" kind of nights at the beginning. But worked our way to wanting another one again. But this stuff is hard. Especially with this whole 4 month wakeful period bull crap!
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  • If it were up to me and finances weren't an issue I'd be pregnant already. I never thought I'd feel this was but I really miss being pregnant. In real life we'll most likely wait until LO is one and then start trying with hopes of a spring/summer '16 baby.
  • We are done.  Now, we're just trying to figure out what permanent BC option we will chose.

    I love my kids dearly, but I have no interest in raising any more from NB stage.  I am also looking forward to that point where both kids are in school most of the year and we can pocket the $2000+/month we are spending on childcare for 9 months.


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  • We're still only talking about a third as a maybe some day. I think if we did decide to have a third, we'll wait until DS is about 3 to start trying. Until then I have the arm implant and we'll stick with practicing :)
  • We're still up in the air about a third. I go back and forth depending on the night. Once we get DS sleeping better at night then I think we'll have a real discussion about it. If we decide on a third, I think we'll probably start trying by next summer. 
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  • We are going to star trying end of April or beg of May. We are both in a wedding in May 2015 so I can't be to pregnant otherwise we'd prolly start sooner! We'd like 3-4 kiddos and I don't want to big of an age gap!
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  • We want at least 1 more, but since ds was early we are going to wait until he is 1.5-2yrs old before trying again. Though he doesn't have any delays as of yet, I want to be sure he gets all the attention and help he needs before we have another baby.
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  • I had a c-section with DD so we will wait until she is 12-18 months before trying again. We want at least 3.
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    Dec 2017: pre-IVF testing
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  • Apparently not. We are not waiting. I found out I was with child when dd was three months old. One afternoon, we left dd with her granny while we did some humdrum errands (it was too hot for jellybean to be out with us- no AC in the car) and instead of going to get her immediately, I told my DH "let her watch her an hour more!" And decided we deserved a little fun. I had been charting for my own sake (I like to know when my shit is going where) and thought I was in the clear anyway. Apparently not. I mean. We aren't upset. We are happy. We wanted more kids. But I'm a little concerned of course.
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  • This was my 4th baby in 6 years so we are officially done. We planned on 4 back to back & DH had a vasectomy shortly after birth. One thing to consider if BF you may not be ovulating yet. We wanted them closer in age but with BF I never ovulated until at least 8 months pp.
  • I've been feeling crazy lately that I actually want another soon. After DS was born 9 weeks early and spent 8 weeks in the NICU, I thought I wouldn't be ready for a LONG time. But I've really been thinking about number two lately and having them close together. We decided to not try but not prevent and see what happens! I just pray I can carry to term next time. ( I did check with my OB to make sure I was in the clear to get pregnant now and they said it wouldn't increase the chance of delivering premature at all. I will always be high risk for that no matter when I conceive. ) :( so we will see what happens.
  • AJNAJN member
    As a FTM over 40, and the fact that we want at least 2 kids, we would like to start trying soon. It took us 3 years to have our first so if it happens great but if not we are content with our beautiful baby boy!
  • We knew we wanted another soon after DD but didn't plan to "actively" start until DD was around 6mths, but I ended up getting pregnant when DD was around 3 months! We were shocked at how fast it all happened (considering it took us almost a year to conceive DD)and are super excited for our newest little one!

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  • We're going to start trying in June if things go as planned (famous last words). I am missing being pregnant still, so I'm trying not to let that influence me too much. But I do want my kids close together somewhat. I'm going to be 35 in Nov so I'm not getting any younger and I'm definitely not getting any extra energy! LOL! I don't think we'll go for 3 because of financial reasons so we might as well get the 2nd one out of the way. Hoping DH gets a better paying job though so we can more easily afford the 2nd one. It's disgusting how much it costs for 2 kids in daycare. We have someone in the neighborhood that watches DS now, but if that falls through I don't want to think about paying for traditional daycare. :(

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  • So. DH had 3 daughters from his first marriage. Now we have our son (my first baby!) and DH is leaving it up to me whether we have another. Personally I always wanted 2 or 3 kids as I was an only child growing up, but I never considered that I would have 3 step kids as well. I am almost 30 but my husband is 46. I think he would be fine if we were done, since our son is his 4th child. He is agreeable to having another if I want to, but if so he does not want them to be too spread out as he does not want to be 65 with a teenager, which I understand. I'm torn, because I know our son will continue to be super spoiled by his family, but I also think it would be fun to provide him with a sibling closer to his age (my youngest stepdaughter is 14, so he will essentially grow up alone)...plus I had a pretty easy pregnancy and relatively good labor so I've got that going for me! Hmm...what to do, what to do!
  • kat+1kat+1 member
    Currently 16 weeks 3 days !!!
  • That bun is in the oven ;)

    Congrats! Where have you been lately (besides working on getting knocked up?). Just an FYI pretty much everyone jumped ship in January. Happened to catch your news because I look in occasionally to see if anyone's posted randomly.
  • That bun is in the oven ;)

  • In a couple months (May): just making sure I get enough hours for Mat leave (I am a teacher so I won't start working before September).
  • AJNAJN member
    Congrats to those who are pregnant again already!! Is anyone who recently got pregnant with #2 still breastfeeding #1?
  • We would like to wait until dd is at least 12 months. My OB recommended since I had a few complications while carrying dd. I have had "newborn fever"since she turned 5 months, but now that she's crawling I couldn't imagine being pregnant and running around after her. I barely have the energy now.
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  • AJNAJN member
    We would like to start trying, but I have been breastfeeding for almost 9 months now and have not yet gotten my period back
  • I have a history of very irregular periods (still haven't had one and it's been 10 months!) and my family is known to go through menopause early.  I was on birth control for 6 years before conceiving the first time and DH is convinced that was why it took us so long to conceive.  I haven't been on BC since Nov. 2013 and we do the deed pretty regularly and I'm still not pregnant.  I want my kids pretty close in age and my doctor gave me the go ahead so we're trying now.  Good luck!
  • kstel2kstel2 member
    I am pregnant with #2 and I am still breastfeeding my 10 month old. I want to stop BF to give my body a break while it prepares for a second pregnancy but my LO loves the breast so it's hard to stop, plus I feel guilty not BF him. He still wakes up a few times in the night and I am thoroughly exhausted especially with the new pregnancy. I am hoping he starts sleeping at night once I switch to cows milk at 12 months but I fear that he won't and I won't be able to maintain my energy level with the pregnancy while keeping him busy in the day. Any advice??? Help!!! Feeling tired and scared.
  • It took us 7 years to have our first baby. We hope it doesn't take another 7 years to have the second baby. We are both 35 years old now. We love being with our son, but we would both like him to have a brother or sister. Maybe we'll try again in 2 years and if it doesn't happen by 38 were calling it quits
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    So I way went MIA on these boards after DS was born. Hi no sleep. But got a positive pregnancy test tonight!!! Cause everyone takes pregnancy tests when up at 2 am with a sick 11 month old. Coolest part - DS is exactly 11 months today AND my FIL who passed away 1 month after DS was born... His birthday is today. ❤️ GL to everyone TTC.
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