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have you yelled at your toddler?

I've yelled at my son and I feel horrible. Its not a frequent occurrence. However I just feel horrible about it. I wouldn't yell at my husband or another adult to get my point across, I should treat my son no differently. He is also only 18 months old and is still very young, yelling is not setting a good example. I'm blaming it partly on hormones, I get frustrated much more easily and its also more difficult to chase him around. I still plan on trying to keep it to a minimum or avoid all together going forward.

So I thought I'd ask you ladies:
Have you yelled at your April baby (specifically April baby because they are so young)?
Is it a common occurrence?
Are you comfortable with those instances or do you regret it or feel guilty in any way?
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Re: have you yelled at your toddler?

  • EIsieMaeEIsieMae member
    edited November 2014
    I'm with @Grace0609‌! I haven't really yelled at DS much. But I have yelled at DD on many different occasions. It happens. It's probably not the best way to get your point across, but sometimes parents lose their cool. Nobody's perfect. It's something I continually try to work on. ::hugs::
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  • Not at Helen but definitely at Elliott. Since I am an infrequent yeller, it fortunately usually has the intended effect of getting his attention. This age is hard. It happens. You're human. And growing a human. Give yourself a break.
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  • I haven't yelled but have spoken angrily/loudly/meanly. I felt terrible. He cried.
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  • No. But DD is super easy-going and I am a very patient person.  I'm sure under different circumstances things could be different!
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  • AmstreagleAmstreagle member
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    I've yelled at R in instances that regard his safety. One time he went running from the front yard to the street. He looked at me and I told him no, he laughed and went for it. He knew better and did it anyways. I don't feel bad for yelling at him at all. He needs to understand my rules and that if he does something unsafe when he knows it's wrong there are consequences. Thank god we live at the end of a culd e sac!
    ETA:I posted on the wrong board. I have a feb baby so there is an age difference
  • I've definitely yelled. Mostly when I catch him doing something and I'm more startled by it, like him trying to climb up into his high chair (he did this once while I was in the bathroom, he broke the tray off and fell, I heard a thump and then crying, so I do not want him climbing up for fear of a repeat accident). Sometimes I feel bad, but mostly it's to get his attention or like I said, when I am the one more startled by something he's doing, to get  him to look at me if I can't physically get to him in time.
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  • I've yelled at my DD (an April baby), but it has been maybe once or twice. I try not to yell at her just give a firm angry voice, I don't want her to think that it's normal, but we are human and things happen. I'm a parent to an almost two year old and I'm also an early childhood teacher so I completely understand.
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