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Hostility Everywhere

I used to be pretty active here on The Bump, but am just returning, and I'm finding hostility wherever I go, so really have no idea where I belong. I had primary IF, conceived and gave birth after my first loss, and am now struggling with secondary IF. I thought maybe this would be a more appropriate board for me to post on as I'm returning and no one seems to be offering up a warm welcome. Everyone is so touchy and hostile, and I'm not sure where to go. I don't seem to fit well on TTCAL either. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be very appreciative, or maybe I should just leave the site...
ME: 24 with PCOS and a HX of Endo (rem. 04/12) 
DH: 24 with Low Motility 
TTC since 11/09
M/C 01/11 at >2w, chemical pregnancy
50mg Clomid 02/12, -OPK
100mg Clomid 03/12, -OPK
Surgery to remove endo. and check tubes 04/04/12
10d Provera & 150mg Clomid 05/12, 1st positive OPK!
BFP 06/12
DD born 01/30/13!!! 
TTC #2 since 09/13
Last Normal Cycle 12/16/13
Neg OPKs in 01/14
Neg Prog. in 01/14
10d Provera started 01/21/14
ER Visit 02/15/14, u/s showed empty uterus, BHCG = 111 
M/C 02/16/14, chemical pregnancy...M/C was confirmed 2/18/14, BHCG = 28

05/12/2014 Started 50 mg Clomid
05/16/2014 Ended 50 mg Clomid

05/28/2014 Negative "Day 21" progesterone bloodwork
06/06/2014 BFP!!!
06/09/2014, beta HCG 75
06/12/2014 beta HCG 242!
06/20/2014 beta HCG 2823!
06/26/2014 m/c at 6w1d
07/21/2014 diagnosed with APS (Lupus Anticoagulant), Factor V, and MTHFR mutation in addition to PCOS and HX of Endometriosis
10/27/2014 repeat Lupus Anticoagulant tested negative

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