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PPB Boxy or Ju Ju Be BFF

I was SET on a PPB backpack, and then came across the JuJuBe BFF on a post in March '15, and now am totally torn. Anyone have any opinions or pros/cons? I googled it but most of the posts are years old. Thanks in advance ladies :)
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Re: PPB Boxy or Ju Ju Be BFF

  • I haven't had a PPB bag but I love my BFF.  The fact that it's machine washable is everything to me.  It's got lots of awesome pockets, the lining is light colored so you can find stuff easily.  It's GREAT.
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  • I ordered the BFF but returned it because it was kind of a funny shape to me. its like a triangle shape on the sides. I would recommend seeing it in person or at least making sure you can return it easily.
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  • I had and sold a boxy, it was a bottomless pit and hard to keep organized.
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  • I would watch some YouTube packing videos and reviews. I should receive my jjb better be (I originally wanted the BFF but I never zip purses...) Monday so I'll let you know if I like it as much as I think I will from my research! I'm really interest to actually feel the fabric.
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