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8.5 month old not sitting unsupported yet--normal?

My sweet baby girl is 8.5 months old, and hasn't started sitting unsupported yet. She is very, very strong, and can bear weight on her legs for a while, started crawling when she was 6.5 months old, pulling herself up, etc. She hits all the other milestones with no problem at all, and I think she may walk soon! She is very observant and notices everything around her, which is why I think she hasn't been sitting yet, she is too busy! When she went to her last doctor appt they said she is fine, they were not worried at all.

Now that she is closer to 9 months, I am getting worried.  I try to sit her down, put toys in front of her, have her notice her feet, etc. but nothing has worked to get her to sit! I cannot put her in the corner of the couch anymore, since she was 6 months she was off discovering things and I cannot take my eye off her for a second! :)

Any other tricks I can try to get her to sit? TIA!

Re: 8.5 month old not sitting unsupported yet--normal?

  • DD took much longer to sit than DS because she was so busy. I'd put her in a sitting position and she'd consistently start reaching for things in front and beside her. What I found really helped was to sit her in front of a toy that interested her but required her to stay in a seated position and play in front of her instead of reaching down to the ground (a large activity cube or her super annoying Vtech Farm toy walker). I saw a huge improvement rather quickly. 
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  • To help strengthen DS back we put him in a empty diaper box or a laundry basket.  My mom recommend that to us, thats what she did with all of her kids.  The diaper box had just enough room for his legs.  He would sit in it with a few toys, or it was a train that we pushed/pulled around.  We did this for about 2 weeks and one day I saw him just roll over and sit up on his own. 
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