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Walking on tippie toes

my 21 month old just started walking on her tippy toes today. Anyone else's LO doing this. I have a lot of experience working with kids on the autism spectrum so I immediately got nervous, as this is something a lot of children with autism do. However, she has never shown me any other signs. She's extremely social and her vocabulary is extraordinary. Would you be worried? TIA
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Re: Walking on tippie toes

  • chrissynenachrissynena
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    DD has been walking on her tip toes for as long as I can remember. I always call her ballerina. I have never been worried about it being a sign of autism. I was worried about her speech, but she was tested by an early learners program and said she is just fine.

    Edit to say she doesn't do it 100% of the time. I'd say maybe 20%.

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  • Sep5BrideSep5Bride
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    My daughter does this a lot, but she seems to just be playing. If it's not all the time it wouldn't concern me. Also, my younger sister was a "toe-walker" and she outgrew it. Something to watch and ask about at the next pedi appt maybe, but otherwise it doesn't sound like a problem to me.


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  • My friend has a 4 year old who walks on her toes. Always has & she's normal. Maybe bring it up the next time your at the Dr. but I probably wouldn't schedule a special appointment for it unless there are other things you notice changing. 

  • Omg thank you for posting this! My anxiety is rearing its ugly head again and DD is suddenly walking tip-toe periodically and I'm like "what if she's vitamin deficient?!?!" Lol. Sigh.
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  • Jacey does it sometimes, I think its just something they tend to do every now and again.
  • My daughter does this from time to time. The pediatrician actually asked how she walks and when I mentioned she tip toes occasionally he said to watch it and if she does it a lot she may need physical therapy because it strengthens different parts of the feet/legs and weakens others
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