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UTI and BF

XP from A14, figured I'd see if I could get any bites on this board, too! 

I am having UTI symptoms (UGH)....in the past I have taken either Uricalm or Cystex to help with the discomfort until making it to the doctor (that probably won't happen til next week unfortunately).  I searched online and spoke with a pharmacist, and there doesn't seem to be much research done on these meds with breastfeeding mothers.

Anyone ever taken these or other UTI over the counter meds while BF? I think it's safe to take the cranberry pills probably, but they really don't help with the discomfort like the other two I mentioned.

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Re: UTI and BF

  • Thank you, that is very helpful! 
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  • I've had many UTI's in the past, but luckily not since BF'ing. I have no input on the safey of the medications but I would caution you about waiting until next week to be seen. Untreated UTIs can turn into nasty bladder infections. Do you have a medexpress or urgent care center close by you can just walk In and be seen? In the mean time try to drink as much water as possible to try and flush the infection out. Take care and good luck.
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