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Appt went well!

Thank you for all the positive thoughts! My stomach was flopping around all the way to the doctor's office yesterday. :) They measured me at 9 weeks exactly yesterday. One perfect healthy little peanut. I actually love the HR team at the hospital I go to. Unfortunately, I won't be able to stay with them the whole way through because I work at a different hospital now .. closer to where I live and it's 45 minutes away. The NP (who I saw a lot with my daughter) said that they agree with the plan of doing makena injections at 16 weeks through 37 weeks again with this pregnancy. So they'll keep me there until the injections start and at that point they'll switch me over to the hospital where I work. I would really rather stay there but I'm afraid I'll burn up too much FMLA and PTO time doing it that way since it's farther away. But I'm still relieved that I'll get to stay with them for a bit before I make the move. It's not really that I don't have faith in the hospital where I work (well ok it's a little bit that too)... but I just don't know any of the docs here. Ok so now I have to vent a little wee bit about my human resource dept.. ( I work in this dept). My position handles all the FMLA/ADA/Workers Comp stuff. We have a TPA that does the actual measurement and approvals/denials etc.. but I manage their timecards and process their leaves and answer all their questions.. I do all the ADA stuff in house. Anyways.. so my manager asks me this morning how it went and I do really like her so I'm telling her and she's like oh by the way don't forget to call in and initiate an intermittent FMLA. I said umm yeah I'm not doing that. And she looks at me funny. I said I have no reason to do that right now.. I have no complications.. I'm not missing any time other than periodic appointments once a month and we don't make any other pregnant women do that. The only time we have pregnant woman call in intermittent FMLA leaves is if they have a reduced schedule or they have some type of complication that's requiring them to miss a lot of time. She says ok well our director hasn't said anything to me about it and I'm not goign to say anything to her.. I said well I'm certianly not saying anything to her.. I am just SO irritated with how a-hole they are sometimes. I am 9 weeks pregnant people. it's not like I'm running off to the doctor every week. I'm already really angry with them because someone claims to have overheard me talking with someone else and decided to spread the news ALLLL over the entire department. I find out a week later (this was 3 weeks ago).. that they were sitting in another girls office complaining about me being off work on maternity leave. Really??? I'm 9 weeks pregnant.. we have a bit until that point.. you could just be a nice person and say congratulations! Grr.. people make me really mad.
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Re: Appt went well!

  • Glad your appointment went well.  Congrats!

    Sorry about your work situation.  People can be weird.
  • Glad it went well! ! And wow...sorry about all the drama.
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  • People can be selfish jerks sometimes.....especially co-workers. I had FMLA at a job one time and my coworkers were complete a-holes. Im sorry about that. Awesome for a good appt though. Keep your head up :)
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  • Great news on your appt! Congrats! Sorry people at work are being idiots:(
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  • Fantastic news!! Sorry about all the other crap :(

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  • Glad to hear you had a good appointment.  That works stuff is crazy, though.  You would think that people working in an HR department would understand how all the time off works and not act so judgmental about it.  I hope your coworkers settle down!  
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    Thanks ladies! I worked closely with HR at the other hospital I used to work at. Now I'm actually IN HR and sometimes I can't believe the behavior. Actually everyone in the organization frowns on FMLA and is very intolerant. I really don't like that. Crap happens to everyone no matter who you are and someday it might be them ya know. What they should be doing is being constructive and helpful and thankful for their good health. Drives me nuts.
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