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Thoughts and Prayers needed!! On L&Dmonitoring. ***update 1***

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So I'm here on L&D and can't sleep. I was admitted yesterday for spotty vision and bp 199/102. The are monitoring me overnight. Right now, the plan is to induce me if it stays above the 160 mark. If it goes down (have had a couple now) below 160s, I'll be sent home on BR with a goal of 37 weeks. I'm 34w3d today. Just need a little support from my bumpie friends! I'm not quite ready to meet little Lucas.

***update 10/29/30***
Well the bp did not behave and they had to move forward with induction. They placed cervadil at 10am and let it sit for 12 hours. This involved some pressure and cramping but nothing horrible. When the took the cervadil out I was only 1cm and 80% so they are giving my cytotec by mouth every three hours. They also inserted a foley balloon into my cervix (same catheter they use for a urinary catheter) they put 50cc into the balloon and are letting it sit. The idea is that the balloon will help the cervix release it's own prostaglandin to dilate the cervix faster. Once I'm to 5 cm, they will start pitocin. Dr. Says Lucas will most likely need a couple weeks in NICU once he arrives. Immediate skin-to-skin is probably out and that they will probably need to use a bottle or paci while he is in NICU. I'm feeling so heartbroken about having him whisked away so quickly and everything else. DH is doing good but is struggling with this too. Keep praying for us!! Love you ladies!

Re: Thoughts and Prayers needed!! On L&Dmonitoring. ***update 1***

  • Sending T&P. Hoping baby can stay put for a few more weeks.
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  • Sending you thoughts and prayers, for you and your LO's well being and the wisdom and judgment of the medical team.  It sounds like you are in good hands with a good plan.

    Having been in L&D last week with a potential delivery, I know how hard it can be to relax, but you are being monitored and surrounded by everything you need and the best thing you can do for you and LO is to relax.  If you can't sleep, try visualizing a relaxing vacation, fun places you are looking forward to visiting with your LO, or even just try to distract yourself by trying to remember a favorite (non-suspenseful!) movie scene by scene.

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  • Thinking about you!
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  • Sending positive t&ps for you and Lucas! Keep cooking LO

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  • Sending good vibes. Thoughts and prayers sent.


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  • Sending you thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Hang in there!
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  • T&P's!!!!!
  • T&Ps for you and baby Lucas!
  • I hope your BP goes down and they let LO stay put for as long as possible!
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  • When they discharge you will they put you on a med for your BP? After this last weekend, they put me on a BP med just to stop preterm contractions (Procardia). I understand the boat you're in though, lady --- I'm right over 34 weeks and just trying to make it to 36 weeks now. I hope everything stabilizes and that you're able to cook lil Lucas a little longer. Thoughts, prayers, and creepy internetz hugs coming your way!
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  • I'm so sorry you're dealing with this but I'm glad you are in good hands and they are monitoring your BP.  Thoughts and prayers going out to you!  
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  • Thoughts and prayers to you and little Lucas, hope he can bake a little longer and you both stay healthy
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  • Thinking of you. I completely understand what you're feeling. I have been in L&D twice this past week with contractions. This last time I was medicated to stop them. I hope you get to your 37 week mark!

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  • Best wishes. Fingers crossed. Keep us updated whend you can.

  • Thoughts and prayers!


  • Thoughts and prayers !
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  • T&P your way! Keep cooking LO!
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  • Positive vibes coming your way!
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  • Sending thoughts and positive vibes your way!! 

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  • Sending T&P's! Hope everything stabilizes and your little one can continue to cook!!
  • Sending T&Ps your way.

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  • Thinking of you and your little one!
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  • Sending T&P's!
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  • Sending thoughts and prayers; I hope Lucas can cook keep cooking!

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  • Thinking positive thoughts for you!

    Our #2 is on the way!

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  • T&Ps for you and little Lucas. Grow baby grow

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  • T&p's! Hope you feel better soon, I'm glad you went in and are getting treatment and being monitored!
  • Sending T&P
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  • So sorry you are stuck at the hospital. FX for lower blood pressure!
  • Thinking of you both!
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  • Fingers crossed that your BP goes down!!!!! Stay in a little longer, baby boy!
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    Thoughts and prayers for your bp to go down so Lucas can keep cooking a little longer. Keep us updated!
    In memory of the baby Hufflepuff and all the angel babies of D14 <3

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  • Good vibes your way- keep us updated!
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  • Sending good thoughts and wishes your way. Hope everything stabilizes and your LO can stay put for a bit longer.
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  • Praying all is ok.
  • Sending T&Ps for baby to cook a little longer. 

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  • Sending thoughts and deep breaths. Hope you are able to sleep--agree with others that you are in the safest place for you and baby right now.
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  • Thinking of you! I also have BP problems-i feel your pain!
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