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Bed time Liquids

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We are having an issue where DS is quite sogged/leaking through his diaper by the morning. We've just recently upped the size of overnight diapers, so I think our problem is that we let him have liquids right up until bedtime and also he has a sippy with water in bed with him all night. We give him plenty of liquids during the day but he still asks for it constantly.

What do you guys do? do you have a cut off time for liquids? do you find doing that is necessary at this stage? any recommendations on how to cut his liquids back?
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Re: Bed time Liquids

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    We've had this issue, too. I have to stuff an extra liner in his cloth diaper at night, and he still leaks through sometimes. He has water with dinner (maybe an hour before bed?) and then we also give him a small sippy of milk right before bed. 

    The good news is that it doesn't seem to bother him too much, so we kind of go with it. I try to give him LESS milk right before bed, but I can roll with the punches if he wakes up waterlogged every now and then.


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  • Yes, V had been leaking through nearly every night for a while, and my spoiled boy still gets a bottle at bedtime. FI used to give him a full 8oz, but I've cut it back to 4-6oz, and if I use a 5oz bottle (instead of the 9oz), I'll only give him maybe 3oz. He doesn't fall asleep on it, it's more of a comfort/routine thing at this point, so I don't think the amount matters too much. He hasn't leaked nearly as many times since I cut back on the amount right before bedtime. I make sure he gets plenty of liquids (water or watered down juice) during the day.
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