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Swaddling for naps?

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I'm sure this has been asked but I can't remember if it was this board or another...if you swaddle at night do you swaddle for naps? If not what do you do? LO sleeps fine swaddled in his pnp at night but sleeps on me for most naps....I'd love a break!


Re: Swaddling for naps?

  • I've noticed when I swaddle DS for naps he sleeps longer and doesn't fight going to sleep. The naps I don't swaddle he wakes up quickly or he won't even fall asleep no matter what I try.
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  • I'm with you, during the day LO sleeps on me for her naps. Sometimes I can set her down in her bouncer and she'll sleep for a little bit, but she sleeps longer and more peacefully on me.

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  • DS mostly sleeps on his belly for naps, in the living room where I can keep an eye on him. He doesn't have a regular napping schedule yet though, he still sleeps for most of the day. Once he gets on more of a schedule he'll be swaddled for naps and bed (unless he's a belly sleeper by then since he's already starting to roll on his side while swaddled....). DD was swaddled for naps and bed for several months. It was the only way she'd sleep soundly. 
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  • We swaddle for bedtime and naps.
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  • HBOTB recommends swaddling for all naps and bedtime plus white noise also.

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  • We swaddle for both. Normally she will sleep during the day without swaddling but if she has a hard time going to sleep we will swaddle her.
  • I'm glad you asked this- it just occurred to me that I could swaddle Bug for naps last week! It's been working pretty well so far.
  • Mine will nap in the swing sometimes for a bit, but if we want real sleep she has to be swaddled.  I did have luck putting her in a sleep blanket for a bit today, but it's highly unusual, she usually self startles herself awake if I don't pin those arms down.
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  • We only just started putting her in her crib once a day for naps. If she's already asleep (such as a milk coma after eating), I just put her in the crib and don't risk waking her up to Swaddle. But if she's even partially awake, then I'll Swaddle her.

    Other times she just naps in the swing.

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