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questions ~ flu shot and how to search forums

Hi everyone, wonerding about thoughts on getting the flu shot ~ I don't normally get it, but I understand it is recommended for pregnant women. Just not sure what to do. Thoughts and experices welcome. Also I, didn't know how to search the forums as I'm sure this has been discussed before so any advice there would be helpful. Thanks!!

Re: questions ~ flu shot and how to search forums

  • I work at a hospital and get the flu shot every year. I got one when pregnant with DS and again with this one. Being pregnant is miserable enough. Pregnant with the flu? No thanks. Plus the illness can be more severe in pregnant ladies. The week I get the shot, I always feel more run-down as my body is building an immune response. But it passes, and still beats a week of being bed-ridden and feverish.

    Searching forums? No idea. Sorry. I'm not good with this new-fangled intrawebs that the kids keep talking about.

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  • Hi MrsJCool :)  You can search the boards in the box to the right of this screen marked 'search boards'.

    On the subject of the flu shot, I am undecided too, but am leaning towards doing without.  Pregnant women are prone to more complications from the flu (e.g. chest infections) that may require medication.  So, that suggests getting a shot.  The flu virus itself doesn't cross the placenta, as far as I remember, so your LO won't get infected if you are.

    I did read earlier this year though that this flu season was predicted to have very similar strains to last year's.  I am not sure if that is still true, but I was sick a lot last year so I think I'll be immune if the strains are the same.  Then there's thimerosal.  FX I don't launch a whole online debate about this, but in summary, some vaccines are preserved with a very small amount of thimerosal, a neurotoxin, the effects of which are heavily debated.  California prohibits the use of flu vaccines containing thimerosal for pregnant women, but other states don't.  If my OB strongly recommends I take the flu shot, I will find a place that offers thimerosal-free vaccines.  She hasn't said anything yet.  (Some OBs offer the vaccines in their office.)

    Also, if you do decide to get it, make sure the place you get it knows that you are pregnant because live vaccines, typically in the form of nasal spray, are a no no while pregnant.

    Hope this helps.
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  • I got it last pregnancy 7 years ago...and glad I did. My middle daughter ended up getting the flu that year and I didn't. 
    I am asking about it at my appt on Wed. 
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  • My OB essentially wouldn't let me leave the office without giving me a flu shot, so, yes, it's most definitely recommended for pregnant women.  My only side effect was a really sore shoulder for a few days at the injection site.  I don't really see any downsides to getting it, but everyone it different.

    NeonNoon is very wise.  Just type in what you want to search for in the "Search Boards" box on the right of the screen.  Not sure if that works when you're mobile, but it's pretty easy if your on an actual computer.  Best wishes!
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  • Highly recommended. Never had them before but got one this year because of being pg. I would of needed to sign some sort of paper at the OB's stating I refused the shot if I didn't get it.

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  • I never got a flu shot till I was pregnant with DD1. Since then I've been getting it each year. Better safe than sorry. Got one this time too about a month ago. Last year my DD's nurse said that she noticed in her own kids that after the flu shot they even had fewer colds. Not sure how scientific that observation is but might be worth it. It is such a minor inconvenience AND it is always covered by insurance, why wouldn't you get it.

    Ditto searching the forums. Either use the search box and type your own search terms, or go to the board your question is related and scroll down a few pages to see if you find the topic you're looking for.
  • I got it with both pregnancies. If you get the flu not only can. You feel miserable but you can also get dehydrated ,which can effect baby. The flu shot and whooping cough vaccine does cross and help protect baby. I don't want newborn being born without antibodies, especially during flu season.
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  • I got it with both pregnancies. If you get the flu not only can. You feel miserable but you can also get dehydrated ,which can effect baby. The flu shot and whooping cough vaccine does cross and help protect baby. I don't want newborn being born without antibodies, especially during flu season.

    Yeah forgot to add this too! I didn't get TDAP (or is it dtap?... Whooping cough in any case) with my first. We had her in Switzerland, and I wonder if it is just not a concern there. Since it is here, and it was offered, and the doc said this would build up immunity in the baby as well as in me, I thought that was a great thing. Hopefully all this will protect the baby to some degree from the germs my older DD will be bringing from preschool.
  • For God's sake, people, get the flu shot. It is absolutely, 100% recommended for pregnant women and also helps protect your baby. It is very, very safe. Last year, pregnant women and newborns died from the flu (Google it if you want to read sad stories). Everyone who will be around the newborn should also have a flu shot (i.e. your DH, grandparents). The science is totally clear, if you listen to science.

    My OB's office has the thimerasol free version, but it really doesn't matter--either is safe.

    I also got the Dtap or Tdap or whatever again even though I just got it a couple years ago. My OB's office said that they are now giving it DURING each pregnancy b/c doing so helps give some immunity on the baby.

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  • PS I've been getting it on and off for years (always when pregnant). The only side effect I ever get is maybe feeling slightly, slightly off on the evening I got the shot, but that's it.
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  • Pretty big risks to the fetus if you do catch the flu.  I'll definitely be getting the flu shot.

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  • Get the shot - there's no reason not to.
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  • I called my OB's office to inquire about this very question after I received a message on my online portal/chart that they were offering flu shots to patients and I wondered if it was safe during pregnancy. Well, come to find out, at my next appointment (this Thursday), they would have given me one anyway! Nurse said it's very important to get one during pregnancy! I told her I've avoided them in the past b/c I usually don't get the flu, but last time I got the flu shot I was sick for over a month. She said they only give the dead virus, so I wouldn't (shouldn't) get sick. So, guess I'll do it!

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  • I got mine at CVS, it was quick, only $30, and they told me it was the preservative-free version.

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  • Thanks everyone, appreciate your thoughts and input!
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