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Hand, foot, and mouth disease anyone?

I just started Raz at a part time preschool this month and she caught the cooties. I just thought she was being a complete teething monster until the director called for me to come pick her up. Bless her heart. In the 2 hours I was gone for my 32 week appt. the blisters appeared all over her. :/ it's a virus so it has to run it's course but it still sucks. Apparently all but 2 kids in her preschool had it this month. I was hoping we were the lucky ones. I called my Mom to ask her if I had it as a kid but she was clueless. I hope so lol. The army always has the most inconvenient time to send my husband away. Hopefully he will be back before Thanksgiving. Has anyone else dealt with this? Any advice besides Popsicles, yogurt, baths, Advil, etc? TIA

Re: Hand, foot, and mouth disease anyone?

  • Poor baby. That virus is the devil and it run it's course through our center in both the early spring and early fall this year. Definitely hive ibuprofen for comfort. Will was lucky and never actually got sores in his mouth, just around and on his bottom, feet, arms and legs. It her way, it never affected his eating/drinking. Good luck and I hope it's a quick and mild case!
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