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Lost Gift List, AHHH!

So my church gave me a wonderful baby shower last weekend and I sat down today to write the thank yous to take to church with me tomorrow.  We've ripped the house apart and can't find the list anywhere.  My husband decided to do me a wonderful favor and clean the house yesterday and is worried he might have thrown it away.  I still have all the cards I got but I know some gifts did not have cards.  I'm doing my best to try to remember everyone and everything but I'm not sure what to do.  Even the people that I know gave gifts...I don't remember what everyone gave.  I am sick over this!  Has anyone dealt with this before? What did you do???

Re: Lost Gift List, AHHH!

  • Do you have any pictures for the event? Maybe see if you can match them up this way. Get the gifts together and match up what you can and then do process of elimination for the rest. Also, since a few didn't have cards I'm assuming part of the problems is you won't remember the names of those people since they are just church ladies and not close friends. Was anyone else at the shower that you are close to able to come over and give you a hand in remembering, maybe your mom if she was there or something?

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  • For items that were purchased off a registry, try calling the store, explain what happened and see if they will tell you who bought what. DH threw away a box of wedding gifts when we got married by mistake (whoops!!) so I had to do this. Good luck!!
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