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Headaches all the time! Help!

Got this on going headache and I do not want to take anymore advil it's not working. The pain is coming from the back of my neck and going around like a band around the forehead. Any recommendations?

Re: Headaches all the time! Help!

  • Have you had anyone rub your neck and around your shoulder blade. I get those and my husband will rub me there and then my forehead. It doesn't always cure it but it sure helps. Hope that helps you. :)
  • I'm sure its nothing but have had any blood pressure issues?


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  • Peppermint oil, a massage, and some heat. 
  • My doctor prescribed me Tylenol 3 and fioricet. Ask your doctor about those meds. As someone who's had chronic migraines for the past 8 years I know how frustrating and feeling like you just don't want to move. Hope you feel better!
  • Do you happen to have TMJ? I clench my teeth at night or when I'm stressed. If I don't wear my mouth piece I have the same kind of headaches. Maybe get it checked out by your dentist? My mouth piece works wonders. Good luck!

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  • Also, I second heat. I lay my neck on a heating pad for 15 min intervals and if it's really bad I'll put it on my head. It helps too.

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  • My doctor said I could only take tylenol for headaches and to stay away from peppermint oil. I have been getting them all the time too and cant find relief at all
  • I do peppermint oil on the back of my neck with heat for mild headaches. My doctor ok'd excedrin only if unbearable.
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  • Hot wash cloth on the forehead always helps me.

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  • Ibuprofen is not recommended during pregnancy so it's good that you are not taking it any more. Caffeine works for me.

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  • You may need a chiropractic adjustment.
  • I was having bad headaches every day a month ago, went to a great Osteopath who specialises in pregnancy, she said I had lots of tension in my neck, made a few tweaks and I have nt had one since! Now going every 2 weeks to make sure my back stays in place and the headaches don't return!
  • Thanks alot guys this website gives lots of support wow! I will be sure to try the heat, I'll get my husband to rub my neck with the peppermint oil as well! Right now I'll try just about any remedy lol . I would like to stay away from tylenol and advil though but thanks for the all the advice! Anyone got anything else up there sleeves feel free to type away!
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