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Packing/Moving with a 3 year old

HELP!!!!! We've found a place to live, but aren't sure how to go about packing with DD around. I put something in a box she disappears with it :(

and our shady slumlord wants us next Saturday so he can turn the house over to his mortgage company and be done with his end of the foreclosure. Please tell me we can pack up an entire house and move it into a townhouse in less than a week with DD "helping". We're not prepared at all as he just told us this the other day.

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Re: Packing/Moving with a 3 year old

  • lildis said:
    If you don't have someone to watch her, can you & dh take turns getting her out of the house while the other packs?
    This. This is the only way I get big projects done on the weekends. Lately though, if I give Alexander a "job," that sometimes buys me an extra 10 mnutes.
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  • I'm going to see if maybe she can stay with my mom for a few hours while I pack. I don't trust DH...he threw away ALL my dvds the last time we moved and he's not allowed to pack anything other than the bathroom & linen closet and his own things. With our time frame being a week I have no clue how much stuff will actually get properly packed

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  • If you've got some funds available, check out LivingSocial or Groupon. I managed to find movers for my upcoming move for $85 for two hours. I know I'd never get it done if I had to pack with my six year old under foot. 

    We moved when she was 3 and I just took time off work and did it while she was in daycare.
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  • Thanks for all the great ideas ladies!!!! I packed up the bathroom and garage last night after Grey's and she has gymnastics tomorrow am so DH will take her and I can get her room packed and finish getting the basement cleaned out. I am a decorative Christmas gift box hoarder and don't want to let the pretty boxes go LOL  :))

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