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  • EDD July 1st. This is my 5th, I've been part of TB since my first in 2009 although I haven't been active on any boards lately.

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  • EDD July 5th. This is my first pregnancy but I have a 6 year old DSD. I've been lurking for a couple of months but fairly new to TB :) congratulations everyone!!!
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    Hi, all! I'm Mei Mei and I was somewhat active on ttgp this past spring, but life got crazy and yeah. 

     So, here I am, a mere 8dpo, but with 2 clear positives today! This will be our second. We have actually been trying off and on since our first was a toddler. Needless to say, we are thrilled. To top it all off, this baby should be due on my birthday, July 10th, unless Fertility Friend got my o-day wrong (Probably not). Still, what a great birthday present!

     I'm excited to start chatting and get to know everyone here. :) 

     To summarize: 
     Baby number 2 
    EDD July 10th. (I swear. FF claims I o'ed Oct. 17)

    Oscar Leopold 4/2009
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  • EDD July 5, joining our 3 1/2 year old. I'm an older mom, will be 37 when this one is born. :x
  • EDD July 4th, already have a 23 month old. Was part of the November 2012 group but haven't been on TB in a while. So excited for everyone!
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  • Hi all, My husband and I got married in March and this is our first pregnancy. HPT was positive 14dpo and my expected due date is July 2.
  • 1st and we are excited and naturally a bit nervous! EDF July 1st.
  • Unfortunately it looks like I'm out. :( this morning I had some cramping followed by some bleeding and when I retested it was negative. After talking to an on call nurse it looks like it was just a chemical pregnancy. :( good luck ladies!
  • I am so sorry to hear Natalie. :(

  • Hey guys I'm new to the board

    As of right now I'm due July 2. And this will be number 5 , 1 boy 3 girls at home
    Momma to Garrett (8) Makenna (4) Jordynn (3) & Madilynn (2)

    Soon to be Momma to Elliott ( 06.04.15 or sooner)
  • New to the board - first pregnancy ended with a missed miscarriage in March of this year, EDD 6 july for this pregnancy - fingers crossed!
  • EDD July 1st, first pregnancy, first time on TB and pretty nervous :)
  • Hi everyone! Just got a positive today. Estimated due date July 8th. :)
    This will be our second child. I'm nervous to post, as it is so early, but I'm thrilled that our daughter will be a big sister. Our daughter is 2.5. I was in March 2012 board the first time around, but had our daughter on February 26th.
    It hasn't been too long since my last pregnancy, but it's been long enough that I forget about things.
    I'm looking forward to jumping into this again with all of you!

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  • I am also saying a cautious hello. I had a faint BFP this morning at 13 DPO after a BFN at 10 DPO. My EDD would be July 7th.

    This is my second pregnancy but #1 was a MC at five weeks back in August. I was slightly active on the April '15 board before the loss. I lurked on TTCAL but did not really participate. I hope that the next few tests prove positive and I get to hang with all of you fine ladies for the next nine months!
    Married 7/20/13
    #1 MC August 2014 @ 5 Weeks
    #2 MC November 2014 @ 5 Weeks
    #3 EDD 2.17.16

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  • Hello! I go here now! This is my 3rd pregnancy. Last month I had a chemical pregnancy, and was convinced I wouldn't get pregnant this month. I decided to take a HPT on our 5 year anniversary to see if I could drink or not, and lo and behold, there was a strong second line! I think both of us were shocked! So my EDD is July 8th! 

    I'm praying so hard I get to stay this time, and that I walk away with my take home baby! I can't wait to get to know you ladies over the next nine months!
     TTC #1 since January 2014
    BFP #1 03/16/14 EDD 11/28/14 :: MMC Monochorionic Twins 05/09/14 @ 11 weeks
    BFP #2 09/15/14 EDD 05/29/14 :: CP 09/22/14
    BFP #3 10/24/14 :: EDD 06/29/15 *Praying for my RAINBOW!!*


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  • Another tentative hello! Got a faint BFP this morning and have decided to keep it under wraps from DH for a day or so as I test more/become more confident. This is a great outlet though! EDD July 2nd, this'll be our first. Just married in July (just before turning 30), with this our first month TTC. A bit shell shocked and thinking it can't be that easy, but absolutely thrilled!
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    I have a EDD of July 4th. I am a first time mom. I am super nervous about everything that's happened!
  • My EDD is July 6 - I've been on the TTCAL board for about 4 months now after having a m/c at 10 weeks on June 1.  Hoping this is our rainbow!!

    Ashleigh (26) and Darren (26)
    Married 8-10-13
    TTC since February 2014
    BFP #1 4-22-14  EDD 1-1-15
    8w u/s 5-22-14 Baby measuring 6w1d. Heartbeat detected
    Went to Dr. 5-30-14 due to bleeding. Prescribed progesterone
    Went to ER 6-1-14 2:30 AM - diagnosed with incomplete m/c
    6-6-14 natural m/c completed
    10-24-14 BFP #2 EDD 7-6-15 **Please** be our Rainbow 

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  • goofyteachergoofyteacher member
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    Loving all these responses!
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    PCOS and Hypothyroidism- Successful IUI's- May 2012 and October 2014.  Miscarriage @ 6w3d in December 2009.
  • New to the bump! First baby. 1st round successful iui. My fiancé and I are very excited. My estimated date is July 2, first ultrasound nov 1st. Currently 4 weeks prego;)
  • My EDD is July 9. We are so excited! I just tested positive this morning. this will be my second child. My first will be two next month.
  • Hi! I got my BFP on Friday. This will be baby number 2. I was very active on the Dec 13 board and ended up having my baby in late November. My EDD is July 1.

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  • My EDD is 7/9/15. This is my 4th. I have a 5 year old boy, 4 year old girl, and a 2 year old girl. I've been on TB on and off since trying to conceive my son 7 years ago (when it was still part of The Nest.)
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  • Hey ladies, Im out. lots of cramping, and heavy bleeding this morning. H&H 9 months to you all!

  • Excited to be joining you all! My EDD is July 3rd and I have a daughter who is 21 months. I mostly post on January 2013 and lurk on Working Moms.


  • Hi all!  I got a BFP this weekend and have an EDD of July 9.  This is my first pregnancy.  I was active on TTGP for the past month or so.
    November Siggy, Thanksgiving Fail

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    [Deleted User]ThreeXsaCharm
  • Hello everyone! My husband and I went on vacation for our 1 year anniversary and began trying. Right when we got home I took the test, and it was negative. But a few days later I missed my period and took another one and it was positive! Our edd is July 4, one day before my birthday. This is my first pregnancy and first time to TB. Very excited!
  • Hi everyone! I'm YorkieLove, EDD July 3. I've been a member of TTCAL for the last 6 months. This is my second pregnancy, we had a MMC discovered at 8 wks and had a D&C at 9wks 2dys on 3/25/14. We were due to start Metformin & Clomid next cycle but got a surprise BFP instead! :)
  • slweaver0626slweaver0626 member
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    EDD is July 3rd. This is our 2nd.  It still doesn't feel real that we are doing this again.

    I was a regular on May 2013.

    And I can't change my ticker to save my life.  I try and try... so yes, I am 196 week pregnant.

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    Hi ladies! Looks like I might be joining you and have an EDD of around July 6.
    The test I took over the weekend had the faintest of lines. I know a faint line is still a line but... I don't like to get too excited. I've been feeling very nauseated since Thursday night. That seems so early to be feeling anything so I'm not ruling out some kind of bug until I can take another test. I technically am not even late yet.

    Anyway... I was somewhat active on the July 2013 board. I mostly lurked after DD was born and haven't really checked in with them lately. I stay in contact with a few on Instagram though.

    Here's hoping for lots of sticky babies!
    Me:33/DH: 34
    Married: July 28, 2012
    DD: July 29, 2013
    DS: July 1, 2015
    Current EDD: May 15, 2017
  • EDD is July 1st and this is baby #1!
  • Oh and EDD is July 9!
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