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Diaper repair help please!

So, my laundry machine decided to take a bite out of my Sealife Totsbots v4  :((

Of course, these seem to be out of stock everywhere now.

At least it's a part that's not visible when the diaper is being worn. What's the best way to shore up the torn part so that it won't unravel/wear down any more than it already has?

Re: Diaper repair help please!

  • Ugh can you tuck into the hole and run a stitch over it?
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  • Hm.... that might work, but there's not a whole lot of fabric between the tear and the Aplix. Wonder if there's something I can reinforce it with, before I tuck?
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  • I have some white pul. I can mail you a small bit to tuck over it? Just use polyester thread for the repair.
  • Thanks for the offer @Brandiewine11, but postage to the UK might be a bit steep! Does give me an idea, though, that maybe I can look for a sample swatch and used that to make a bit of piping to go around the tear.

    Thanks for the tip on polyester thread ... I've never sewn PUL before so that's good to know!
  • Haha! True...forgot about that. I don't know what's over there but a bunch of places here offer a swatch for a dollar or so. Also use a ballpoint needle. And don't use pins. A hair clip or bobby pin works instead. Make sure your thread is 100% polyester not just coated. Helps avoid wicking. Run it all through the dryer when you're done.
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  • Oh wait, I think this is the answer

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