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Tuesday To-Do's

Good morning!  If you have a list, post it!  I am not feeling very creative so I decided to work on planning/scheduling this week instead scrapbooks

Tot school- gymnastics
Tot school planning
Meal plan for next week
Thanksgiving meal plan
Consolidate all the Christmas lists on my phone into one list for family
Walk the dog
Make dinner - chicken and broccoli with sesame noodles (I haven't made sesame noodles before so I am kind of excited about this)
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Re: Tuesday To-Do's

  • The boys were up a lot last night so hopefully the day goes smoothly. Maybe I'll nap.

    Brush dog's out-done
    Wash rugs- started
    Sync pedometer
    Inventory winter clothes
    Children's book reading at the library
    Work on binder

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  • Today is my Alone Day.  DD gets to go to an after school program until 5 and DH has his night board meeting.  

    I am going to:

    - finish the last bits of unpacking (I slacked off yesterday)
    - Iron the rest of DH's work clothes
    - Watch all of last weeks DVRed shows since we are starting to stack up. 
    - take a nap. 

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  • - Work on organizing photo albums
    - Work on Christmas planning, brainstorm gift ideas
    - Preschool Pick Up
    - Host Playdate
    - Clean up after Playdate
    - Pick up DH at bus stop

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  • KezziRivKezziRiv member
    edited October 2014
    @ilumine  I love that watching tv is on your to do list!  
    my LO was also up ALL NIGHT so I'm dead dog today..we'll see how far coffee can really carry a girl….

    jewelry shoot - email and confirmations
    grocery list to Cozi
    cook ahead breakfasts
    take out Xmas knitting and sewing stuff
    thank you cards

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    me:33 my wife:32      married in June '12
    LONG road through IF ending in heartbreak and frustration.
    Moving on to Adoption : matched 5/14! 
    Our beautiful son was born August 25, 2014!! 

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  • @KezziRiv We were gone a whole week.  I had a lot of shows that were darn near doubling up.  :)

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