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Pregnancy Test

i got a pregnancy test from a drug store. And on the front it says 99% accuracy from day of expected period. Well I don't except my period to come for another 3 days. And this waiting game is killing me. If I took the test now would it not work? Does anyone know?

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  • So the results weren't immediate. It took like 5-10 min before that faint second line appeared. Consensus?

    At first it was just the one solid pink like. But I felt like I could see where the 2nd line should be. So I just ruled it as negative. Did some research online and read that this early on (3 days before expected period) it's really hard to tell.

    So for whatever reason I went back up to look at it 5-10 min later. And saw the 2nd line more clearly but still faint. Like shown in the pic.

  • 2nd test I took. Up&Up brand. 5 days early detector.

    Pic was taken 3-5 min after I pee'd on it. Another faint 2nd line.
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  • Both my positives were over a week before missed period with an FRER
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  • Thanks for the suggestions and thoughts! I'll try again first thing with a first response test!!
  • Definitely 2 lines! Mine was faint with #2 too, and didn't show up until my period was due. Congrats!
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  • Congrats!!!


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  • Thanks!!! So excited!! I started crying after reading comments :')
  • Woohoo! Congrats
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  • Congrats :)
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  • So awesome, congrats!!!!


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