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babysitter vent

The last time I had L to the Dr they were fascinated by her diaper and one was super cool and even told me about a store in my area, but the other was all "she's got a rash!" She was just a tiny bit red but she seemed to be blaming the cloth.

Well yesterday I worked and dh and my in laws kept L. When I got home she had a horrible rash and it appeared that they had only changed her diaper twice. The entire day! Now today we have a Dr appt and she's got a bad rash and I'm afraid the lady will blame my diapers again! FWIW, L can't use disposables because she gets a terrible rash from them. When I tell people this they keep suggesting different disposable brands. No people, that's what the cloth is for and we love it!
Ok, end rant

Re: babysitter vent

  • Aww that sucks. My in-laws aren't excited about cloth diapering, but they both have gone out of their way to learn how it works so they can help with the baby.
  • If that stupid nurse says anything, just say something to the effect of " so she will NEVER have a rash if I use disposable?" As for the rash she has, try a fleese liner and some heavy duty diaper cream, that should clear it up pretty quick. Next time LO is with the Inlaws, maybe set a timer to remind them, or text to remind them that she needs to be changed even if they don't think she is wet.
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