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Sharing baby names.

Rough story short. Everyone is pregnant or just popped. Four babies still waiting to be named. You know everyone has a secret baby name list and you obviously don't share it with anyone. Which creates sometimes a problem when everyone is pregnant....Lol Now what do you do when this list you've had forever starts getting compromised out of just random bad luck. My cousins both names there daughters from names off my list. I was crushed. I'm like of all names? Lol Well its starting to happen again, I have no idea how but it is lol my friend is further along than me but still can't decide on a baby name for her son. I've already decided but we're still having to wait on sex. The other day she mentioned 2 names off my list out of all the names she's come up with that are really good. Anyways, we finally told her she can't name it that because that's our number one name. The second one has been on the list forever and i understand i can't hold names for ransom on a chance will have 2 sons. She's frustrated, I'm frustrated. Lol what do you do? I'm getting mad at her cause she's throwing her frustrations at me. Like I can't help you picked my names out of thin air but I know I don't own them either. Just because I'm less along than her doesn't give her first pick? Lol sorry this was suppose to be short.

Re: Sharing baby names.

  • ^^^What she said. 

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  • Lol that's funny. She was and still is mad we picked our names first and one name she picked was already grabbed. I told her the others were fine. But she's still all panty twisted about it lol
  • I like your bluntness @EatsRitz

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  • How about a russian name like Anna like my baby girl?
  • oh good tried to tell someone what they couldn't name their child??

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  • It sounds like you're choosing extremely common names, if this many people are choosing the same ones.  If that's the case, as soon as your kid starts school, half their classmates will have the same name as them anyway.  If you don't want to share names, don't name them something common.

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  • NEWSFLASH. People can be named the same thing. Even in the same extended family! 
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  • Name your child whatever you want to. I mean if it was a name like La'daycha or something, I could see why it might be an issue. 
  • Name your child whatever you want to. I mean if it was a name like La'daycha or something, I could see why it might be an issue. 

    Weird more than one person would want to name their child that!!
  • This is why I stick to different names. I hve dd and dd2 on the way and they both have boys names. Dd1 is named austyn, and soon to be dd2 will be named Aubrey. It sucks when people pick names you wanted your entire life but you can't help what other people do an is it really worth losing a friendship over? You will find a name you like better I promise.
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