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Hello Thursday

What's up?
Logan Jack- 6.1.10 and Emmett Weston- 9.29.12 




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  • Dudes, I need someone to talk me down/ internet slap sense into me.

    I travel for work several times a year. Next week I go to Dallas. I have been to Dallas many, many times and I like it. BUT. The Ebola. It makes me panicked. I work in healthcare. I KNOW it is not airborne and the chances of me getting it just from being there are infinitesimally small. Logically, I know this. But I am so anxious. And strongly considering backing out. But that makes me feel so foolish. Obviously there are tons of people going about their regular life, living in DFW.

    I swear before having kids I wouldn't have given this a second thought. I would have probably laughed at someone afraid to travel in this circumstance. But now I have visions of getting sick and not being able to hug and kiss my babies goodbye for fear of contaminating them dancing in my head. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!??
  • I'm back after having a sub yesterday and it's my prep but I'm doing nothing productive.

    From our WDW vacation- June 3, 2014

    DS- Wesley- March 14, 2010
    DD- Norah- September 27, 2012

  • @mbm1983 Happy Birthday Audrey!

    @scrumpfy Huge hugs.  I'm sure everything will be okay. Try not to stress to much about it.


    scrumpfy[Deleted User][Deleted User][Deleted User]
  • Finally all caught up at work from my little vacation. I feel like I never even left, oh how quickly it all fades! Now I just need to finidh getting everything ready for Wesley's birthday party on Sunday as well as pick out an outfit for pictures that morning.


  • Happy birthday Audrey @mbm1983‌ <:-P

    @scrumpfy‌ you will be perfectly fine in Dallas before you know it you will be back hone snuggling your squishies.

    The hubs came home today I left work at 3 to bring Emma home to see him since he was going to the Flyers home opener with his dad and left at 5. Well we were happy to see Dada for almost 2 whole hours. Emma asks for him so much now when he goes away. I feel so bad. The first thing out of her mouth when she wakes up is "is Dada home?" No..'oh Dada working?" Yes.. :(
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    Lilypie - (52Ft)

    scrumpfy[Deleted User]
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