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Hey guys!

Husband and I are from Ohio and we have decided to adopt. We are looking for anyone in Ohio who has successfully adopted or is in the process to share experience and advice. We live in the Toledo area and I've been doing a TON of research into adoption agencies. I'd love to talk to others about the whole process, but I'm interested in seeing who from ohio has gone what route to bring their newest addition home.


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  • *small wave* I'm from Ohio, and I'm putting my little one up for adoption. I'm working with The Adoption Circle in Ohio, right now, but otherwise I don't exactly have a lot of experience with them. Everyone there seems to be really sweet and understanding, but I dunno how it is from the other side of the process.
  • Hello, and welcome!
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  • I live in Ohio as well. We are 8 weeks into placement. We adopted via an agency in Toledo. I don't think our agency is accepting new clients though:( We did look into Choice Network, I believe out of Columbus, I don't have experience besides our initial contact with them sounded very promising.
  • I'm from NJ, not OH, but I just wanted to say Welcome and Best Wishes!!!
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  • Welcome. There is an agency near Cincinatti- Adoption Star that works in Ohio.
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  • Thank you all so much! I wasn't expecting so many welcoming faces! :) 
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