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Sleep lady shuffle and getting rid of pacifier at the same time

My 7 month old baby girl falls asleep with a pacifier in her mouth. Once the pacifier falls out and she wakes up, she cries and I have to put the pacifier back into her mouth. Right now I have to get up at least 5 times a night to put the pacifier back in. She also has trouble falling asleep on her own and takes horrible naps usually only lasting 30 minutes.  So, I have decided it's time to teach her how to sleep better and after reading a few sleep training books, I have chosen the Sleep Lady. Has anybody tried the sleep lady shuffle while getting rid of the pacifier as well? Or was it easier to get rid of the pacifier first while soothing any other way possible, and then doing the sleep lady shuffle once the baby was able to sleep without a pacifier? Thank you for your input :)

Re: Sleep lady shuffle and getting rid of pacifier at the same time

  • No clue what the sleep shuffle is but mine is 7 months and falls asleep with a pacifier. Our issues was around 4-5 months and now is fine. We put pacifiers all around my son's crib and two pacifiers hooked to the stuffed animal so he can no grab them all himself and self sooth. So if you weren't trying to get rid of it all together that is another option. 

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    1. Try gentle patting on the back and singing when she wakes up, if she sleeps on her tummy.
    2. Try a swaddle blanket (the kind with velcro) and a bassinet that elevates the head to help her sleep on her back. This helps my baby boy sleep longer.
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  • This sounds just like my DD who is now 4. She loved a pacifier and was not letting us get rid of it. Finally I would put 4 or 5 pacifiers in her crib with her and as she got older she figured how to grab one and pop it back in. Sadly she was a horrible sleeper until a year and naps were tricky too. Hopefully your LO doesn't do the same.
  • I know you want to get rid of the pacifier but if you don't we just clip them on there chests with pacifier clips and they have learnt to feel around and find them themselves
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