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Does your child miss school due to their allergy?

Hi! DD has Celiac's disease. At 5 she already had some intestinal damage, she is pretty severe. I don't know how but yesterday she must have been glutened. Severe bathroom issues today. I am keeping her home today. After running to the bathroom 4 times in 10 minutes she didn't make it the last time and pooped a bit in her underwear. She was devastated. I worry about that happening at school. We are trying to really make sure she doesn't get any gluten but it happens maybe once a month. Yesterday I bought some plain chocolate from a chocolate shop, ingredients looked fine but it wasn't labelled gluten free. I'm sure that is what did it. But I am worried about it affecting school attendance. Should I worry?

Re: Does your child miss school due to their allergy?

  • Most school districts have a chronic medical condition form. That way it's documented (the dr completes it in our district) that there is a medical issue and the parent just writes a note explaining the absence was due to the health issue so the absence is excused. Working in a school setting, I'd much rather a parent keep their kid home than have to deal with an accident, much less see what the embarrassment does to a kid.
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  • There is a horrible stomach bug going around right now too though

    You have to remember it isn't always gluten that causes them issues but just virus and sickness in general also.
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