Trouble TTC

Small IF world...(Baby,Loss mentioned)

Went for a routine cleaning at the dentist, and I had to put down that I was trying to get pregnant so they wouldn't do x-rays.  When the hygienist came in, she started asking me a lot of questions that I thought were a bit overly personal: ("how long have you been trying?  are you just trying on your own? etc.") So I told her we've been seeing an RE for the past few months, and then she shared her story.  Turns out, she struggled for many years herself.  After many IUIs and 3 miscarriages, they were finally successful with IVF and had twins.  She offered her number to me if I ever needed to talk.  How cool is that?  Nice to see women helping each other.  I hope I can do the same for others one day.  

On a totally separate note, I'm guessing you all have seen this, but I just stumbled across it:

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