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S/O Lego Advent calendars

I had never heard of these before but I looked and they're awesome!  DS and DD#2 would absolutely love them.  

Does anyone know if there's an equivalent or similar type of calendar for older kids?  DD#1 has no interest in legos.  I could get her one with candy in it but she really doesn't need candy every day especially around Christmas.  

She's a tween (11) and isn't into "kid" stuff any more. 

Re: S/O Lego Advent calendars

  • I don't know what she is in to, but I know Barbie has one with barbie accessories and Sephora has an advent calendar so I suspect that you could find something that would align with her interests by searching the internet. If not, you could make one. MIL makes all the grandkids one every year with stuff each kid likes.
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  • We got one from Costco several years ago.  It looks like a Swiss Chalet, so not one necessarily themed to a kid or preteen, but still fun.
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  • St. Patrick's Guild sells one that's drawers so you can put whatever you want to into each one.

    I know some offices do little gift boxes strung on a string like a laundry line where the idea is to unwrap some simple itsy bitsy thing each day.

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  • We have one of the advent calendars that are made from muslin bags (got it off etsy) and I fill them with small things like a lipgloss or a piece of candy but the bulk of the bags are filled with experiences like "drink hot chocolate" "watch a holiday movie" "so get the Christmas tree" etc.
  • Oh and she's 10
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