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Fast first labor - worried about second one..

My labor/birth was super fast with my first baby. I felt my first contraction at 8:30 a.m. and the baby was born at 3:30. I barely made it to the birth center and was in active labor in the car (really, really not fun!). Everything I've read says that second births tend to be faster than first births and I'm wondering if any of you have had that experience? I'm pregnant with my second baby and wondering if I should plan to head to the birth center as soon as I start feeling contractions, or take my time?

I'm freaking out a little bit so any advice is welcome here!

Re: Fast first labor - worried about second one..

  • Go with your gut.  My first labor was 5 hours from water breaking to baby.  My second was 14 hours from water breaking to baby.  (My water breaking started labor birth time.). So it's not always the case that the second is faster.

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  • Very interesting, @JCWhitey. Thanks!
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  • KatieElKatieEl
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    My first labor was pretty fast, about the same as yours.  And my second was very quick (less than an hour and forty-five minutes).  My water broke about an hour and 15 into that and the last 30 minutes was literally speeding to the hospital, kegeling to hold the baby in, my doula's hand on the baby's head.  It was really intense, and nothing I was prepared for.  Certainly no guarantee you'll have a faster one, but I'd make arrangements as if you were (like an emergency car/home bag or something), and if you don't use it, great!

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  • @KatieEl holy cow that is crazy, and exactly what I'm afraid of! Thanks for sharing :)
  • So did you have a fast labor? Did you have your baby yet?

    I had a fast first as well, and am hoping for a 2 hour second, but preferably not a car birth or anything crazy!
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    @peregrinefalconx haven't had the baby yet! not due until June 30. I talked to my midwife who said the most important thing it to just be in tune with your body and if you feel like those "real deal" contractions, definitely don't second guess yourself. Wishing you an easy labor and non-car birth!
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    @sokomo - your sweet baby perhaps has been born!  Would love the labor timeline update if you are up to it at some point.  I also had a fast first labor, but know every baby and birth is different...
  • sokomosokomo
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    @apedota - she was born June 29! First contraction was at 2:30 a.m. and baby girl was born at 5 a.m. It was SUPER fast! Best of luck to you :)
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