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TTM aout Tubes

My DD1 is getting tubes on Friday morning.  Talk to me about your experiences before, during and after the surgery.  What was recovery like?  This was suppose to be our first child free night.  I feel so selfish even feeling bad that it probably won't happen.
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Re: TTM aout Tubes

  • DD got tubes at 10 months. Coming out of anesthesia was rough, but once we got home she ate and took a nap. When she woke up it was like a normal day. She said her first word a week later.

    Honestly the hardest part was not letting her eat in the morning before the procedure. DH was in with her while they put her under and he said that was really hard. The surgery itself took like 5 minutes.
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  • DS got them at 16 months. It was hard for him to come out of anesthesia, but about an hour after, he was running around. Like pp said the hardest part was no food in the morning.
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  • Dd had hers done at the age your dd is now. Dd had her adenoids done as well and that was tougher for her than expected. Waking up from the anesthesia was rough-she was super ragey. If they're solely doing tubes there won't be any recovery process. It gets more complicated when tonsils/adenoids are getting removed as well.
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  • DS2 was 13 months. He was pretty upset coming out of anesthesia but as soon as I nursed him he chilled out. He was a little zoned out for an hour or two then took a long nap and was fine. Like pps, the hardest part was no eating after midnight the night before. For my all night nurser that was a rough night and morning. The rest of the day was easy.
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  • Ds has had tubes twice. He had a separate sinus and adenoids surgery. Honestly the tubes were a snap (sinus/adenoids are another story). He had a rough time coming out of anesthesia the first time, but it only lasted a few min. We went home and napped and the rest of the day was normal.
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