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Best Bottles for Formula feeding

There is so much information out their on bottles and breastfeeding, but according to the doctor I may not be able to breastfeed and I can't seem to find any info and preference of bottles for formula fed children. So I was wondering if anyone out there had recommendations or better bottle choices for children who will be formula fed or does it just not matter?

Re: Best Bottles for Formula feeding

  • It totally doesn't matter what bottles you use... Every friend I know used a different brand and all were fine.
  • It definitely depends on the baby. DS has taken most of the bottles I've tried with him so far, but both of his cousins (also on formula) take different ones--one uses Dr. Brown's, the other takes Playtex Ventaire.

    I have to second @tricia560's suggestion of the Dr. Brown's pitcher. It's been great for when DS is taking odd amounts at a feeding or when we had to switch to a gentler formula.
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  • Dr Browns are a PAIN if you don't need them. We really liked Avent but switched to Dr. B's to see if it would help with reflux (it didn't for us). The nipple/bottle doesn't collapse on you when they drink. (We bought Gerber and they are awful!)
    Next baby, if we go formula we're spending the money to get a formula maker. 8 months of bottle making and I'm SO done with bottle warmers and microwaves!
  • I think it depends on the baby. We tried a bunch with DD and the only ones she liked were the Avent ones. DS liked the cheap Gerber, but now only takes the Nuk training sippy cups
  • We had a lot of tummy troubles and had ro supplement with formula with our girls so the Dr. Brown's with the special filter for gas have worked best for us. Theyre a pain to clean but well worth all the tears they saved.
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