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relationship issues is there anyone out there open to talk???

im only 18 and its so hard im so excited for my baby even though it was unexspected im 23 weeks but all the drama is really getting to me it seems like everytime something goes right something always gots to set us back .... 

Re: relationship issues is there anyone out there open to talk???

  • well my boyfriend is the only one i have and hes 23 and wont grow up he goes out every chance he gets lies for no reason and comes home at late hours its like i know o cant be stressing because its bad for the baby and he doesnt seem to care . he just keeps makeing it harder
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  • its really isnt easy i have no where to go and i still love him you know and i know how it is to grow up with out a dad around and i dont wana put my baby through that . idk letting go is a thought i really dont wana have . 
  • Have you talked to him about it? You need to let him know that things need to change. If he still doesn't change I would do as PP said and make some sort of plan to leave. Let him know that you're serious.
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  • I've learned over the years, you can't just wait on someone to change their ways, or be something they simply aren't. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the time, energy, and stress and come up with a plan b so to speak. Do you want to raise your kid in a healthy happy environment, or a toxic dysfunctional one? Having parents that are seperated and happy is better than being raised by both parents in the same house that are unhappy and full of negative energy. Just my 2 sense, good luck though. I know it's hard and stressful, life is full of ups and downs, but whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger ;;)
  • I understand you had a hard time growing up, but by choosing to stay with a man like this, you are not choosing a better life for your son.  A different life, but not a better one.  

    Remember, it is better to come from a broken home than to grow up in one.
    jess412love[Deleted User]
  • You have the right mind set to be concerned for your baby, but take that and be concerned about YOU as well- if he is doing this now, he will keep doing it once the baby is here, making you a stressed out Mama who will have a harder time trying to enjoy your new baby. Trust me I have been there, and as much as I tried to make it work and change his behavior, he has to do that on his own, and if he won't you're better off. I left him, raised my daughter myself, developed a very close relationship with my daughter, and she has grown to love my husband as the only father she has ever known - so not all stories have an unhappy ending ♡
  • I'm 37 and I have been in many relationships throughout the years.  I can tell you this... as scary as it is to be on your own, it is MUCH easier than being with the wrong person.  If he can't step up and do what he needs to do, you will only be making it harder on yourself by staying. 

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  • Uhh leave the dbag. You cant make him be a dad as bad as you would want him to be.
  • i would like to say thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to reply . i appreciate all the advice . i sat down with him and had a heart to heart conversation told him pretty much how im feeling and what needs to change in order for this to work out . he seemed truly apologetic for the way he was acting and so far things are working . but i now set up a back up plan and have money aside in case he messes up again . if he falls back to his old habits i now have a way out and will act on my back up plan . thank you all sincerely . with out your advice i dont know what i would of done ..
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  • thank you {: ^^^
  • A boy like that you need to leave..a MAN who knows he is having a baby would grow up. Plus you have a baby to think about cant stay on that level he is at right now..let it go..sometimes people in your position i have known and the boy either got it together or some didnt get it together. Sad for the baby.but you cant have your baby in that environment. ..pray as well [-O<
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