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Pregnant after 35

Dreams - I met my future child

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Last night I dreamt that I met my son. He was three and wanted to snuggle. It was such a beautiful and amazing experience. His face is now etched in my memory.
What do you think? Do you believe in dreams?
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Re: Dreams - I met my future child

  • My mother met me before I was born, she said a little girl with golden brown pigtails and big blue eyes turned and smiled at her. That's me!
  • I love this post! I totally believe in dreams!

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  • What a sweet dream! 
  • Absolutely believe. This is such a precious post
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  • Yes, for sure. 
    I dreamt about both my children before they were born. 
    I dreamt on the day my son was born, it was slightly windy but sunny, and he had big blue eyes. It came true!
    I dreamt my daughter was nursing and snuggling up to me, and had no hair. That was true, too!
  • With DS #1, I was really freaked out about a m/c due to losing one the prior cycle. I had a long afternoon of prayer around 8 weeks pregnant. I had a dream that night that I was holding my son and what he looked like (DH's forehead, long straight black hair that was spikey, long fingers). He ended up looking just like that. I had other baby dreams too, about having a girl, or kids who looked different than that. But that was the first and only one with obvious memorable features.

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  • What an amazing experience for you! I completely believe in dreams.  I had a dream of my son before he was born and his name was not the one we had picked.  We actually changed his name because of that dream!  
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