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Halloween costume ideas

Anybody have any cute couple costume ideas? I will be 27 weeks around Halloween.

Re: Halloween costume ideas

  • im going as mother earth

  • Haha! I wouldn't think of going as Juno and Bleeker but I think that would be pretty awesome! Maybe he would do it if he doesn't have to wear those short shorts? lol


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  • I like the skeleton family. You paint the bones on black sweats. You can add baby in bones on your belly. Some people find it creepy but I think it's funny. The one I saw had baby with a bow since it was a girl.
    My pregnant coworker is dressing up in 80s clothes so she will be comfy. I'm either going with the 50s poodle skirt or a clown. Both easily work with a belly.
  • We are going as a stepford wife and the mailman.
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  • Cute ideas! I like the Juno one... I'm gonna check out the thrift store see if I can throw something together!
  • I'm going as Marge Gunderson from the movie Fargo. 
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  • I'm going to be dressed as a gypsy and painting my bumpie like a crystal ball (:
  • A fish bowl.

    All we do is pass out candy though and I will only be 26 weeks so not really big bump. I barely look pregnant now... so I might just do the old pumpkin shirt and witch hat :) 
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  • Dont know yet what we are doing and not sure hubby will want to dress to match me but a cute one I've seen was the wife dressing as a 50s housewife and husband dressing as the milkman. :) Love the Juno idea for sure though!!!
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    We're not doing anything bump related. I'm going as a ghost and Mr JMAV as something random. We did think about going as Rock Paper Scissors (baby bump was going to be the rock) but that wasn't creative enough for me.

    Edit: I'm hopeless and can't post pictures
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  • Last year Ds was the big bad wolf and was little red riding hood. Sorry that doesn't help with the bump costumes.
    I did go out with a couple who did shot gun wedding theme. She was pregnant and wore a cheap wedding dress and he went like a hick groom. It was pretty funny.
  • I thought about going as a wrecking ball and making hubby go as miley cyrus but he didn't think that was very funny so I've decided to be a disco ball and he's going to be a disco dancer.
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