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Pregnant after 35

When did you stop hiding your bump?

I only have a tiny bump.  I can still hide my bump with loose clothing but it limits my wardrobe options.  Did you bother trying to conceal yours?  When did you stop?

Re: When did you stop hiding your bump?

  • I've had a bump since around 10 weeks. That was about when I couldn't hide it anymore. Sad I know. Everyone asked if I was sure we weren't having twins. 23 weeks now and I am out there.
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  • I couldn't hide it. I'm one of those people who looked pregnant (I won't say "showed" b/c people get all up in arms about it being bloat) super early every time. By this one, #4, random acquaintances asked if I was "expecting" at 7 weeks!!! I officially started telling people and stopped trying to hide after our first u/s, but I still only told people who were actually seeing me in person. I waited until end of first tri to tell others.
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  • I'm on baby #3 and I already want to let my belly just hang out..  I'll have to keep it under wraps (literally) a little while longer!
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  • I never really hid it but I'm petite so if the shirt is big you can't really tell but if I wear something tight people know but guess me earlier than I am! :)
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  • I stopped trying to hide it when I switched from working in the office to home with my latest contract (I was about 15w at that point).  I didn't tell them that I was pregnant so I was trying to keep it under wraps as long as possible.  It was super obivous to me that I was pregnant, but the reality is that I just looked like I was getting fatter. 

    After that, I was careful about what I wore for a long time when I went on interviews.  Eventually, I started telling the HR person during my phone screen that I was pregnant and didn't try to hide anything when I had f2f meetings.
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  • I stopped being able to hide it at 16 weeks...
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  • I was 8 weeks on Wednesday and wore a maternity dress to work yesterday.  After I had my first child it seemed the upper part of my stomach got bigger and that's just increased with each pregnancy.  So, right now I have this cute upper belly bump and then nothing below it, which is just weird.

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  • I've been using a Bella Band since about week 8, so I've never been able to hide it and I didn't want to anyway. :)

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  • I don't have a bump yet but don't plan to hide it. As long as we see a heartbeat at our first appointment at 8 weeks, I know odds of m/c are very slim (<5% I believe?), and I'll be fine sharing the news. 
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  • The second it felt uncomfortable I was done. By 9 weeks bloat was unbearable. My jeans won't fit. And my thighs gained some so it was hard to pull pants up.
  • I didn't hide it and still don't but if I wear sweat shirt people don't notice it:( I like to wear tight shirts sometimes just to show I'm baking something here...lol
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  • Still hiding mine at 19 weeks. It is obvious to people who know. But to people who don't know, I look like I'm in the mysterious pregnant-or-just-fat stage. I will probably keep hiding until it is obvious I am just pregnant. With the first one, that wasn't until 27 or 28ish weeks.

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  • I feel like I can't hide it now!!!  But at this point people probably think I just ate a whopper instead of actually looking pregnant. lol 

    I definitely feel like I have more of a belly at almost 11 weeks than I did with my first two.  But I'm not into maternity wear yet.  I have just been wearing my 'fat' pants. :)  That seems to have worked for now.  I am sure it won't be long and I have no interest in hiding it. I don't care who knows. 
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  • so far no need to hide. 9 weeks and not showing yet. I do get bloated but not so much its pushing my tummy out. All my clothes fit so I feel good about that. We will be letting people know in a few more weeks so i wont feel the need to hide :)

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  • At 11w I have very little bump so no need to hide it.  Once I'm out at work (likely in the next week or two) I really won't care about any bloat that comes at the end of the day.  I think that it probably helps that I have no appetite so I'm eating less than normal.

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  • Never, ever tried to hide mine.  I LOVE, LOVE being pregnant and having a bump.  My last pregnancy (five years ago) I was at our pool with a bikini on and my bump in the sun.  We're having a summer baby again and although my bikini days are over..there's nothing wrong with a pee-a-boo tankini..

    I am very early and bang on 6 weeks today.  I suspect I won't have a bump for several more weeks. Those of us who have been pregnant before before tend to show earlier than the FT moms..most of the time anyway..  I'll be living in leggings with sweaters and boots this winter..
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  • itsmevkb said:
      So, right now I have this cute upper belly bump and then nothing below it, which is just weird.
    I have the same upper belly bump that has been there since about 7 weeks. It is increasing of course but has made it very hard to hide at all. I'm not really trying to hide but hearing others I felt like it was too early.
    So glad to read everyone's answers to this question!
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  • I am a little over 10 weeks and my bump just started showing. I am not trying to hide it anymore. I still feel though like I am in this awkward bloated period before full bump popping. I wish it would just pop already so this bloat would disappear. I love being pregnant. No maternity clothes just lots of work out and yoga pants.
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  • 13w2d and today was the first morning that i couldn't button my pants (usually i have to switch to the hair elastic trick after lunch). I don't plan to tell work for another couple of weeks so will be hiding until then.
  • I'm at 22wks, and am at that breaking stage. So I guess by next week I'll probably be obvious whether I want to or not.

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    7/8/14 Beta= 137.4 BFP!!! (My first from IVF!) E2- 1109, Prog- >60. Stop CoQ10, myo-inositol, and melatonin. 7/9 2nd Beta= 281.4. TSH- 2.70. Increasing Synthroid to 100mcg daily. 7/24 6w3d u/s measured 6w3d, hb: 121bmp! 8/5 8w1d u/s measured 8w3d, hb: 164bpm! Graduated from RE to OB. Now I just need to find an OB!
    EDD 3/18/15!

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