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This weekend we have our 2nd outing with BM. The 1st outing was just myself and the baby, my husband is going this time. We are going to the zoo! We are excited, and it's BMs birthday so I got her a gift. I got her a heart necklace, suggested on this board, it's engraved on the front "I carry you in my heart" and his initials are engraved on the back.

I posted previously about our 1st outing, which consisted of me taking her to her post partem appt, going to her work to show off the baby and then hitting the mall. That outing threw me for a loop in a negative way. I'm hoping this time around it's better. I'm looking for advice on easing the anxiety.

He's only 6 weeks old, so I know he won't get much out of the zoo, but we wanted a place we would be actively moving and constantly conversating. We also put a time constraint on it (12-4) so we wouldn't throw his whole day off. We have a 1 1/2 hour drive there and back.

Can anyone share details of their outing experiences around his age? And/or give advice?

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  • I think having a planned activity and a time limit will really help you. And at least in our experience, visits have gotten easier over time. GL!
  • Planned times are great. When we were doing visits still at six weeks old they were these epic multi-hour long visits typically at one of our homes. They were super hard on us and on the baby in terms of schedules and I'd guess that the length was probably hard on our sons birth mom as well.

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  • Dont have any advice- just want to wish you a positive experience!


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  • The necklace sounds AMAZING! Hope the outing was much better for you. The best advice I can give you is that in our experience it just gets easier and easier as time goes on. But as she gets older and the benefits to her are obvious, it's so very worth it to all of us. Hope that helps :)
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  • i hope yall had a great time! your gift idea was so sweet and special! 
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