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So on FB last night, I caught a post via mutual friends that a girl I went to HS with who had a little boy shortly before E was born, he was just recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. No cure.  Awful. Just awful. I've known many people with health issues, illnesses, and those who lost babies/ I really don't take E's health for granted...but that was just another reminder to be thankful and to realize things can change at any moment. 

Also, the college student Hannah Graham went missing about 2 hours from me and it's been all over the news here. Her parents spoke at a press conference yesterday and it just broke my heart. Having a child now, makes my emotions so much stronger. I hope that nightmare ends soon for her family.

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  • I definitely count my blessings every day.  BD has a virus in the lining of his heart that we won't know if H got unless/until she has a heart attack. And, he also had brain cancer, tumor the size of a golf ball, that was removed about 6 years before we met.  And my family has a history of health problems so I worry every day. All day, all the time.

    And I know she's only 15mo old right now, but I worry so much about what H will be faced with in college.  I hope they find that girl, my heart hurts for that family.
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  • @20thirteen - That's awful indeed. I just got some pretty horrifying health news myself and will know more Thursday. I am not going to share, but if it is confirmed...I know it will also be in E's future. I hate it and now understand the guilt parents feel when they pass on genetic diseases/disorders to their children. Even though it was through no fault of their own or something they didn't know about...

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  • My little guy has had 2 penis surgeries before the age of 1 and we are still needing at least another because it's still not right. I feel awful for him. On top of that he's a cannibal and is eating his friends! lol No seriously, he keeps biting. The pedi told me to call early intervention. I blame this damn divorce and the fighting for his behavior. I wish I can take all of their pain now and for forever away from them!
  • Oh wow @freeatlast2014. That is rough :( If you don't mind me asking, did he have a bad circumcision or something? You don't have to tell me if no.

    Yes the biting is probably his way of expressing his feelings for what is going on. WTH is early intervention? When it happened in our classroom, we got books and such and reminded babies that they bite apples, cheese, blah blah not friends. There is a GREAT little board book series...let me see if I can find...

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  • Also, to have them tell us when they wanted to bite and we would get them something to bite...hit...etc. This was 2 and 3's so not sure how old your LO is...bad memory.

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  • @eg214‌ thanks for that book. I may buy 2. 1 for me and 1 for school. He's 2. And daycare now has him Shadowed and if someone can't be on him and the teacher needs to change a diaper they put him in a booster or make him stand by her while she changes the other child. When he bit they were giving him a "time out" in his pack and play then wondering why he freaked the eff out at nap time in his pack and play. Duh.
    Early intervention is a state run program where they help children with delays or behavioral issues. They do an Evaluation and provide necessary services.
    As for his peesh - his urethra was in the wrong spot and the first surgery healed terribly (story for another day. We had to rush to the hospital for a post op bleed when he passed out - he was 6 m old). I let that surgeon try again to fix what he botched - bad idea!
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